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walls of middle ear (pair)

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Top level nervous system
Level 2 vestibulocochlear organ (pair) Short Extended
Level 3 middle ear (pair) Short Extended
Current level walls of middle ear (pair)
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Partonomy list
Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
77677 30725 8190
walls of middle ear (pair)
parietes auris mediae (par)
56002 30747 7164
tegmental wall (pair) ; tegmental roof (pair); ERR1
paries tegmentalis (par)
43665 14060
inferior tegmental process (pair) ; cog (pair)
processus tegmentalis inferior (par)
77642 30750 7167
jugular wall (pair) ; inferior wall (pair)
paries jugularis (par)
30755 8202
tympanic opening of tympanic canaliculus (pair)
apertura tympani canaliculi tympani (par)
60971 30761 7169
labyrinthine wall (pair) ; medial wall (pair)
paries labyrinthicus (par)
56913 30764 7170
vestibular window (pair) ; oval window (pair)
fenestra vestibuli (par); fenestra ovalis (par)
76921 30767 7171
fossa of vestibular window (pair) ; fossa of oval window (pair); ERR1
fossula fenestrae vestibuli (par) ; fossula fenestrae ovalis (par)
77697 30791 7179
cochleariform process (pair)
processus cochleariformis (par)
77694 30770 7172
promontory of tympanic cavity (pair)
promontorium cavitatis tympani (par)
75343 30773 7173
groove of promontory of tympanic cavity (pair)
sulcus promontorii cavitatis tympani (par)
30797 8205
ponticulus of promontory of tympanic cavity (pair)
ponticulus promontorii cavitatis tympani (par)
77695 30776 7174
subiculum of promontory of tympanic cavity (pair)
subiculum promontorii cavitatis tympani (par)
43668 14061
finiculus of promontory of tympanic cavity (pair) ; sustentaculum of promontory of tympanic cavity (pair)
finiculus promontorii cavitatis tympani (par) ; sustentaculum promontorii cavitatis tympani (par)
43671 14062
subcochlear canaliculus (pair)
canaliculus subcochlearis (par)
43674 14063
anterior pillar (pair)
postis anterior (par)
43677 14064
canopy of fossa of cochlear window (pair) ; roof of cochlear window (pair)
canonus fossulae fenestrae cochlearis (par) ; tegmen fenestrae cochlearis (par)
43680 14065
posterior pillar (pair)
postis posterior (par)
77696 30779 7175
tympanic sinus (pair)
sinus tympanicus (par) ; sinus tympani (par)
43707 14070
subtympanic sinus (pair)
sinus subtympanicus (par)
56932 30782 7176
cochlear window (pair) ; round window (pair)
fenestra cochlearis (par) ; fenestra rotunda (par)
76922 30785 7177
fossa of cochlear window (pair) ; round window niche (pair)
fossula fenestrae cochlearis (par)
43787 14071
fustis (pair)
fustis (par)
75143 30788 7178
crest of cochlear window (pair) ; crest of round window (pair)
crista fenestrae cochlearis (par) ; crista fenestrae rotundae (par)
56958 30794 7180
secondary tympanic membrane (pair)
membrana tympani secundaria (par)
77646 30800 7181
mastoid wall (pair) ; posterior wall (pair)
paries mastoideus (par)
56797 30803 7182
aditus to mastoid antrum (pair)
aditus antri mastoidei (par)
77730 30806 7183
prominence of lateral semicircular canal (pair)
prominentia canalis semicircularis lateralis (par)
77731 30809 7184
prominence of facial canal (pair)
prominentia canalis nervi facialis (par)
77732 30812 7185
pyramidal eminence (pair)
eminentia pyramidalis (par)
43995 14073
pyramidal crest (pair) ; pyramidal ridge (pair)
crista pyramidalis (par)
43998 14074
opening of pyramidal eminence (pair)
apertura eminentiae pyramidalis (par)
25135 8303
chordal eminence (pair)
eminentia chordae tympani (par)
44001 14075
chordal crest (pair) ; chordiculus (pair) ; ERR1
crista chordalis (par) ; chordiculus (par)
76923 30815 7186
fossa of incus (pair)
fossa incudis (par)
77692 30758 7168
styloid eminence (pair) ; styloid prominence (pair)
eminentia styloidea (par) ; prominentia styloidea (par)
44187 14077
styloid ridge (pair)
crista styloidea (par)
77733 30818 7187
posterior tympanic sinus (pair)
sinus tympanicus posterior (par) ; sinus tympani posterior (par)
30842 8208
tympanic opening of posterior canaliculus of chorda tympani (pair) ; tympanic aperture of posterior canaliculus of chorda tympani (pair)
apertura tympanica canaliculi chordae tympani posterioris (par)
44249 14078
facial sinus (pair)
sinus facialis (par)
44307 14079
lateral tympanic sinus (pair)
sinus tympanicus lateralis (par) ; sinus tympani lateralis (par)
55711 30825 7189
mastoid antrum (pair)
antrum mastoideum (par)
55800 30829 7190
mastoid cells (pair)
cellulae mastoideae (par)
30833 7191
tympanic cells (pair)
cellulae tympanicae (par)
77679 30836 7192
carotid wall (pair) ; anterior wall (pair)
paries caroticus (par)
45824 8696
hiatus of canal for lesser petrosal nerve (pair)
ostium tympanicum canalis nervi petrosi minoris (par)
25245 14080
supratubal recess (pair)
recessus supratubarius (par)
44374 14081
tensor tympani fold (pair)
plica musculi tensoris tympani (par)
44386 14082
subtensor recess (pair)
recessus subtensorius (par)
55808 560 560
musculotubal canal
canalis musculotubarius
56439 561 561
semicanal of tensor tympani muscle
semicanalis musculi tensoris tympani
75763 563 563
septum of musculotubal canal
septum canalis musculotubarii
56442 562 562
semicanal of auditory tube
semicanalis tubae auditivae
32868 8380
tympanic opening of anterior canaliculus of chorda tympani (pair) ; tympanic aperture of anterior canaliculus of chorda tympani (pair)
apertura tympanica canaliculi chordae tympani anterioris (par)
44402 14085
protiniculum (pair)
protiniculum (par)
44554 14086
caroticocochlear recess (pair)
recessus caroticocochlearis (par)
45453 14087
protympanic crest (pair)
crista protympanica (par)
55463 617 617
petrotympanic fissure
fissura petrotympanica
77230 559 559
caroticotympanic canaliculi
canaliculi caroticotympanici
9595 30839 7193
membranous wall (pair) ; lateral wall (pair)
paries membranaceus (par)
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The promontorium gives rise to several bony ridges: (a) the ponticulus promontorii; (b) the subiculum promontorii; and (c) the finiculus.
In the retrotympanum, lateral and medial spaces relative to the facial nerve and pyramidal eminences were defined: lateral, the sinus facialis and the sinus tympanicus lateralis; medial, the sinus tympanicus posterior and the sinus tympanicus.
The paries mastoideus shows three bony eminences, each giving rise to a ridge: (a) the eminentia pyramidalis; (b) the eminentia chordae tympani; and (c) the eminentia styloidea.
See note # 7175
For the paries auris mediae, several new terms have been added giving credit to clinical findings (from Mansour S. Magnan J, Ahmad Hh, Nicolas K, Louryan S 2019 Comprehensive and Clinical Anatomy of the Middle Ear, 2nd ed. Springer, Cham).
New term; the Ponticulus promontorii is a thin bony bridge from the Eminentia pyramidalis to the Promontorium (from Lang J 1992 Klinische Anatomie des Ohres. Springer, Wien - New York).
The chorda tympani passes from the facial canal through the posterior tympanic canaliculus to enter the tympanic cavity via the apertura tympanica canaliculi chordae tympani posterioris; via the apertura tympanica canaliculi chordae tympani anterioris, the chorda tympani enters the anterior tympanic canaliculus (see also TA98, A02.1.06.011 canaliculus chordae tympani)
See note # 8208
The clinical term cog refers to a coronally oriented osseous ridge protruding in the middle ear cavity, for which the term processus inferior tegminis was introduced (Lang J 1992 Klinische Anatomie des Ohres. Springer, Wien – New York).
The promontorium shows a bony overhang over the cochlear or round window, comprising a postis anterior (anterior pillar), a roof (tegmen) and a postis posterior (posterior pillar) as described by Bolobas B (1972 A hallószery mikrochirurgial anatomija. Könykiadó, Budapest (in Hungarian); Proctor B, Bolobas B, Niparko JK 1986 Anatomy of the round window niche. Acta Otol Rhinol Laryngol 95:444-446). For the tegmen, the term canonus fossulae fenestrae cochleae has been suggested as it forms a canopy overhanging the cochlear window (Topsakal V, Matulic M, Assadi MZ, Mertens G, Van Rompaey V, Van de Heyning P 2020 Comparison of the surgical techniques and robotic techniques for cochlear implantation in terms of the trajectories toward the inner ear. J Int Adv Otol 16:3-7).
See note # 14061
See note # 14061
See note # 14061
See note # 14061
See note # 7175
See note # 7175
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