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basal forebrain proper (pair)

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Current level basal forebrain proper (pair)
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Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
77700 28704 6167
basal forebrain proper (pair)
pars basalis telencephali proprii (par)
61887 28707 6183
basal substance (pair)
substantia basalis (par)
61887 28925 6184
basal nucleus (pair)
nucleus basalis (par)
28945 9849
cholinergic cells of basal substance (pair)
cellulae cholinergicae substantiae basalis (par)
28929 6316
cholinergic cells of medial septal nucleus (pair) ; cholinergic cells Ch1 (pair)
cellulae cholinergicae nuclei septalis medialis (par) ; cellulae cholinergicae Ch1 (par)
28933 6317
cholinergic cells of vertical limb of diagonal band (pair) ; cholinergic cells Ch2 (pair)
cellulae cholinergicae cruris verticalis striae diagonalis (par) ; cellulae cholinergicae Ch2 (par)
28937 6318
cholinergic cells of horizontal limb of diagonal band (pair) ; cholinergic cells Ch3 (pair)
cellulae cholinergicae cruris horizontalis striae diagonalis (par) ; cellulae cholinergicae Ch3 (par)
28941 6319
cholinergic cells of basal nucleus (pair) ; cholinergic cells Ch4 (pair)
cellulae cholinergicae nuclei basalis (par) ; cellulae cholinergicae Ch4 (par)
61884 6185 6185
bed nucleus of stria terminalis
nucleus striae terminalis
77609 6186 6186
sublenticular extended amygdala
pars sublenticularis amygdalae
61973 28948 6188
diagonal band (pair)
stria diagonalis (par)
77611 28951 6189
horizontal limb of diagonal band (pair)
crus horizontale striae diagonalis (par)
77612 28954 6190
vertical limb of diagonal band (pair)
crus verticale striae diagonalis (par)
61882 28957 6191
nucleus of diagonal band (pair)
nucleus striae diagonalis (par)
61885 28960 6192
innominate substance (pair)
substantia innominata (par)
28711 6209
septal nuclei (pair)
nuclei septales (par)
61877 28717 6210
dorsal septal nucleus (pair)
nucleus septalis dorsalis (par)
61878 28720 6211
lateral septal nucleus (pair)
nucleus septalis lateralis (par)
61879 28723 6212
medial septal nucleus (pair)
nucleus septalis medialis (par)
77547 28714 6101
precommissural septal nucleus (pair)
nucleus septalis precommissuralis (par)
61881 28726 6213
septofimbrial nucleus (pair)
nucleus septofimbrialis (par)
61880 28729 6214
triangular septal nucleus (pair)
nucleus septalis triangularis (par)
25128 8623
nuclei of preoptic area (pair)
nuclei areae preopticae (par)
62326 27961 5915
lateral preoptic nucleus (pair)
nucleus preopticus lateralis (par)
67890 27967 5916
medial preoptic nucleus (pair)
nucleus preopticus medialis (par)
62323 27970 5917
median preoptic nucleus (pair)
nucleus preopticus medianus (par)
62324 27973 5919
periventricular preoptic nucleus (pair)
nucleus preopticus periventricularis (par)
27976 8624
ventrolateral preoptic nucleus (pair)
nucleus preopticus ventrolateralis (par)
27980 5914
interstitial nuclei (pair)
nuclei interstitiales (par)
27983 8625
sexual dimorphic nucleus (pair)
nucleus dimorphus sexualis (par)
27987 8626
dopaminergic cells of preoptic area (pair) ; dopaminergic cells A15 (pair)
cellulae dopaminergicae areae preopticae (par) ; cellulae dopaminergicae A15 (par)
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Under this Heading the structures presented in TA as Substantia basalis, Substantia innominata and Area septalis are grouped. Reichert's 'Substantia innominata' was for a long time a 'terra incognita' of the Basal forebrain. The extensive studies by Heimer and colleagues (Heimer L, Harlan RE, Alheid GF, et al. 1997 Substantia innominata: A notion which impedes clinico-anatomical correlations in neuropsychiatric disorders. Neuroscience 76:957-1006; Heimer et al. 1999; Sakamoto et al. 1999) make the term SI more or less superfluous.
The Nucleus striae terminalis (Bed nucleus of the stria terminalis) can be subdivided into various subnuclei, the best known are the Lateral and Medial divisions (see Heimer L, de Olmos J, Alheid GF, et al. 1999 The human basal forebrain, Part 1. Handb Chem Neuroanatomy 15:57-226; Sakamoto N, Pearson J, Shinoda K, Alheid GF 1999 The human basal forebrain, Part 1. Handb Chem Neuroanat 15:1-55).
The Nucleus preopticus ventrolateralis is a recently discovered Preoptic nucleus, a sleep-promoting nucleus (Saper CB, Chou TC, Scammell TE 2001 The sleep switch: Hypothalamic control of sleep and wakefulness. Trends Neurosci 24:726-731).
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