Partonomy list P4, primary language: EN, subsidiary: LA, interface: EN, work in progress

ascending tracts of spinal cord (pair)

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Top level nervous system
Level 2 encephalon Short Extended
Level 3 caudal rhombencephalon Short Extended
Current level ascending tracts of spinal cord (pair)
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Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
27289 8107
ascending tracts of spinal cord (pair)
tractus ascendentes medullae spinalis (par)
77766 12531 12531
anterolateral tract ; anterolateral system ; spinal lemniscus
tractus anterolateralis ; systema anterolaterale ; lemniscus spinalis
5331 5331
spinorhombencephalic fibres
fibrae spinorhombencephalica
5326 5326
spinoreticular fibres of caudal rhombencephalon
fibrae spinoreticulares rhombencephali caudalis
7958 7958
cervicothalamic tract
tractus cervicothalamicus
12547 12547
spinoolivary tract
tractus spinoolivaris
7539 7539
spinovestibular tract
tractus spinovestibularis
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100.0 %
100.0 %
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Date: 31.12.2021