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inner layer of eyeball

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Top level sense organs Short Extended Trace
Level 2 eye Short Extended Trace
Current level inner layer of eyeball Extended Trace
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TA98 partonomic list
Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
inner layer of eyeball
tunica interna bulbi
retina 22 children
optic nerve 11 children
nervus opticus
retinal blood vessels 18 children
vasa sanguinea retinae
52 lines
Type of list A3 for TA98
List Unit Identifier 6949
Sublist 1 6950 retina 22 on 23.10.2021
Sublist 2 6972 nervus opticus 11 on 23.10.2021
Sublist 3 6983 vasa sanguinea retinae 18 on 23.10.2021
Subtotals subunits 51
Proper units 1
Number of units 52 (validated)
Signature 19817 (validated since 23.10.2021)
Date: 01.06.2022