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autonomic subdivision

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Top level nervous system Short Extended Trace
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TA98 partonomic list
Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
autonomic subdivision; autonomic part of peripheral nervous system
divisio autonomica; pars autonomica systematis nervosi peripherici
sympathetic part 38 children
pars sympathica
parasympathetic part 29 children
pars parasympathica
plexus viscerales
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Type of list A3 for TA98
List Unit Identifier 6758
Sublist 1 6759 pars thoracolumbalis 38 on 9.5.2022
Sublist 2 6797 pars craniosacralis 29 on 9.5.2022
Sublist 3 6817 plexus visceralis 64 on 9.5.2022
Subtotals subunits 131
Proper units 1
Number of units 132 (validated)
Signature 824 (validated since 9.5.2022)
Date: 02.06.2022