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Periodically, a general status is prepared and gives a summary on the current topic.

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24 May 2022 New header for Unit Pages

Unit Pages are often indexed by Google with the entity names in several languages. It results that many users are accessing the website directly on a specific Unit page. For this reason a link to the Home page of the website has been added on top of the page.

Moreover, in order to facilitate the Google indexing, the page names are now starting with the entity official name in several languages. Any Google search with the entity name (exact or partial) is expected to prompt a link to the corresponding Unit page.

All Unit pages for the telencephalon (more than 500 pages) have been uploaded, in order to check this new feature.

4 Dec 2021 Unit Pages on autonomic subdivision

All Unit Pages in Latin, English and French for the autonomic subdivision have been delivered.

The help file on Unit Pages is made available and can be reached from each page.

1 Dec 2021 General status

There are more than 5000 Unit Pages to be presented in 8 language combinations: this means more than 40'000 pages! For that reasons these pages will be delivered progressively when sufficient validation has been performed.

The Unit Pages presents multiple internal and external links. Many of them may be unsatisfied in the initial releases. See the progress repports related to the missing pages to get more information.

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