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sinus coronarius

SECTION Item or Ref ID Value or text
Official Latin term sinus coronarius
Official subsidiary term coronary sinus
Unit identifier TAH:U4420
Unit type single
Materiality material
Latin terms
Official term
sinus coronarius
Term status
Universal term
Internal term
sinus coronarius A4
TA98 main Latin term
a12.3.01.002 sinus coronarius
English terms
Official term
coronary sinus
Term status
Universal term
TA98 English equivalent
a12.3.01.002 coronary sinus
French terms
Official term
sinus coronaire
Term status
Regular term
Universal term
sinus coronaire
Spanish terms
Official term
seno coronario
Term status
Universal term
TA98 Spanish equivalent
a12.3.01.002 seno coronario
Russian terms
Official term
венечный синус
Term status
Universal term
TA98 Russian equivalent
a12.3.01.002 венечный синус
Latin model
Origin term of the model
sinus coronarius
Basic part
TAH4420 sinus coronarius
Referenced noun
TAH12390 nomen sinus (nomen systematis cardiovascularis) >sinus<
Referenced adjective
TAH12038 nomen corona (nomen rei corporeae) >coronarius<
Universal formula N(12390),A(12038)
Analysis of words
Term to be analyzed sinus coronarius
sinus noun, declension 4, nominative, masculine, singular
coronarius adjective, declension 2, nominative, masculine, singular
Syntax analysis of term
[ sinus ]
-> ( Adj ) ->[ coronarius ]
Declension of words
sinus - sinus - sinus - sinuum
coronarius - coronarii - coronarii - coronariorum
Date: 03.09.2022