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subnucleus interpolaris (par)

Official Latin term subnucleus interpolaris nuclei spinalis nervi trigeminalis (par)
Official subsidiary term межполюсный субядро спинномозгового ядро тройничного нерва (пара)
Unit identifier TAH:U5350
Unit type pair
Materiality material
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Partonomic links Level 2: encephalon Short Extended
Level 3: rhombencephalon rostrale Short Extended
Level 4: nuclei somatosensorii rhombencephali rostralis (par)
Taxonomic links Level 2: substantia grisea neuraxis Short Extended
Level 3: divisio nuclei
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Taxonomic definition
Taxonomic definition An interpolar subnucleus of spinal nucleus of trigeminal nerve is a subdivision of spinal nucleus of trigeminal nerve [divisio nuclei spinalis nervi trigeminalis ] which is one of three portions of the spinal nucleus of the trigeminal nerve [] determined by its specific sensory functions, entirely located in the myelencephalon [myelencephalon ].
Date: 08.03.2022