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arteria cilioretinalis (par)

Official Latin term arteria cilioretinalis (par)
Official subsidiary term cilioretinal artery (pair)
Unit identifier TAH:U8032
Unit type pair
Materiality material
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Partonomic links Level 2: systema arteriosum cerebrospinale Short Extended
Level 3: arteria carotis interna (par) Short Extended
Level 4: arteria ophthalmica (par)
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New term; the Arteria cilioretinalis is a variant artery which leaves the Discus nervi optici separately from the Arteria centralis retinae. It may serve as an additional supply for the Macula lutea from the choroidal circulation. If present (10-30% of cases), it can spare central vision in occlusion of the Arteria centralis retinae.
TAH:G8032 arteria cilioretinalis
Date: 10.06.2022