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interneura inhibitoria isocorticis (par)

Official Latin term interneura inhibitoria isocorticis (par)
Official subsidiary term inhibitory interneurons of isocortex (pair)
Unit identifier TAH:U8820
Unit type pair set
Materiality material
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Links of entity generic: interneuron inhibitorium isocorticis
Partonomic links Level 2: encephalon Short Extended
Level 3: telencephalon Short Extended
Level 4: isocortex (par)
Taxonomic links Level 2: cellula nervosa Short Extended
Level 3: neuron
Level 4: interneuron inhibitorium
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Mainly GABAergic interneurons (see Markram H, Toledo-Rodriguez M, Wang Y, et al. 2004 Interneurons of the neocortical inhibitory system. Nat Rev Neurosci 5:793-807; Ascoli GA et al. 2008 Petilla terminology: Nomenclature of features of GABAergic interneurons of the cerebral cortex. Nat Rev Neurosci 9:557-568; DeFelipe J et al. 2013 New insights into the classification and nomenclature of cortical GABAergic interneurons. Nat Rev Neurosci 14:202-216); the current subdivision is based on preferred postsynaptic region.
Date: 23.05.2022