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sulci orbitales (par)

Official Latin term sulci orbitales (par)
Official subsidiary term orbital sulci (pair)
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Unit type pair set
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Level 4: lobus frontalis (par)
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Lateral to the Sulcus olfactorius, there are two longitudinally directed sulci, the Sulcus orbitalis medialis and the Sulcus orbitalis lateralis, which are joined together by the Sulcus orbitalis transversus to form the impression of an H or a K pattern (Duvernoy 1992; Petrides and Pandya 2012). The cingulate sulcus continues around the rostrum of the corpus callosum, where it is also known as the Sulcus rostralis superior. This sulcus may continue as the Sulcus rostralis inferior, which separates the straight gyrus from the medial surface of the frontal lobe.
Date: 23.05.2022