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pars rhombencephalica caudalis (par)

Official Latin term pars rhombencephalica caudalis tractus spinoolivaris (par)
Official subsidiary term caudal rhombencephalic part of spinoolivary tract (pair)
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Unit type pair
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Partonomic links Level 2: tractus systematis nervosi centralis (par) Short Extended
Level 3: tractus originis medullae spinalis (par) Short Extended
Level 4: tractus longi originis medullae spinalis (par)
Taxonomic links Level 2: substantia alba systematis nervosi centralis Short Extended
Level 3: pars longitudinalis tractus segmenti systematis nervosi centralis
Level 4: pars longitudinalis tractus rhombencephali caudalis
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For the Tractus spinoolivaris (Spino-olivary tract) as eponym Helweg tract is used. Smith and Deacon (Smith MC, Deacon P 1981 Helweg's triangular tract in man. Brain 104:249-277) denied that Helweg's tract contains spino-olivary fibres; more likely reticulospinal; Helweg's tract can be identified in Weigert-stained sections, but hardly in Luxol-Fast-Blue-stained sections. The term Fibrae olivospinales is deleted (non-existent); they are probably reticulospinal fibres; see Brodal A 1969 Neurological Anatomy in Relation to Clinical Medicine, 2nd ed. Oxford University Press, New York).
Date: 08.05.2022