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Official Latin term pons
Official subsidiary term pons
Unit identifier TAH:U5266
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Trace TA98 note This entity is a duplicate of the pars basilaris pontis, which has been renamed pons in the current terminology.
In colloquial neuroanatomy the term Pons is used for the metencephalon. The term pons, however, as pons Varoli, means the large protrusion with the pontine nuclei and associated fibre pathways, but not the tegmentum. From an ontological point of view, the terms prepontine, pontine and retropontine hindbrain would be preferred. Nuclei are placed from retropontine through pontine to prepontine tegmentum, the latter including the Isthmus rhombencephali.
TAH:U5266 pons
TAH:G5266 pons
Date: 18.04.2022