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systema skeletale

Official Latin term systema skeletale
Official subsidiary term skeletal system
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Taxonomic definition
Taxonomic definition The skeletal system is a system of organs [systema organorum] which is concerned with the skeleton, its bones and their joints.

Usage of skeleton and skeletal.

There are controversies about the meaning of skeleton, even between anatomists. TA98 was not quite clear to this respect. This is to document its usage in the present version of TAH.

There is no doubt from history and language point of view that skeleton should be used for bones and joints together. That is the way it was used by Galen (the most important anatomist of the classical age) and Winslow (the most important anatomist of the 18th century).

The authors of the present revision have decided to follow the traditionalist view. Consequently, osteoarticular system is systematically replaced by skeletal system. meaning the system of bones and joints.

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