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musculus triceps surae (par)

Official Latin term musculus triceps surae (par)
Official subsidiary term triceps muscle of calf (pair)
Unit identifier TAH:U2113
Unit type pair
Materiality material
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Partonomic links Level 2: systema musculare membri inferioris Short Extended
Level 3: musculi membri inferioris (par) Short Extended
Level 4: musculi compartimenti cruris posterioris (par)
Taxonomic links Level 2: organum musculus Short Extended
Level 3: musculus membri inferioris
Level 4: musculus cruris
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Taxonomic definition
Taxonomic definition A triceps muscle of calf is a superficial muscle of posterior compartment of leg [musculus superficialis compartimenti cruris posterioris ] which is a composite muscle consisting of the bicipital gastrocnemius muscle [musculus gastrocnemius ] and the soleus muscle [musculus soleus ] and prolonged by the calcaneal tendon [tendo calcanei].
Date: 31.12.2022