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relatio PairLinePairIn

Official Latin term relatio PairLinePairIn
Official subsidiary term PairLinePairIn relation
Unit identifier TAH:U20918
Unit type taxonomic
Materiality non physical entity
Link to the unit relatio PairLinePairIn
Links of entity taxonomic: relatio PairLinePairIn
External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: relatio anatomica Short Extended
Level 3: relatio partitionis incorporeae rei incorporeae
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The PairLinePairIn relation.

The PairLinePairIn relation is a specialisation of the PartOf relation and contributes as such to the definition of the partonomic hierarchy of TAH.

The PairLinePairIn relation is a link between a father immaterial singular paired entity and a child immaterial singular paired entity, which is a line. Its target is the definition of a symmetrical pair of lines out of a paired immaterial entity.

Example: [par labiorum lateralium corporis ossis femoris] -> (PairSpacePairIn) -> [par linearum asperarum corporis ossis femoris].

Name: PairLinePairIN

Display name: is pair line pair in

Inverse relation name: HasPairLinePairIn

Acronym: QLQ

Conceptual schema: [Child entity A] -> (PairLinePairIn) -> [Father entity B]

Child entity A: immaterial singular paired

Father entity B: immaterial singular paired.

Date: 26.03.2022