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regio temporalis (par)

Official Latin term regio temporalis (par)
Official subsidiary term temporal region (pair)
Unit identifier TAH:U126
Unit type pair
Materiality immaterial
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Taxonomic definition
Taxonomic definition A temporal region is a surface of subdivision of cranium [superficies divisionis cranii] which is overlying the temple.

On the ethymology of temporal.

This adjective exclusively means related to the temple. It is derived from the Latin noun tempus, temporis. The tempus is an early site of graying of the hair, thus it is a reference to time from where its name is coming. This meaning is valid for Latin, English, French and certainly numerous Romance languages.

In no way, temporalis could be directly associated to os temporale as wrongly set by numerous authors. The regio temporalis is the surface overlaying the temple and not the larger surface overlaying the os temporale. This later, if necessary, should be renamed regio ossis temporalis.
corpus humanum
TAH:U126 regio temporalis (par)
Date: 06.05.2022