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relatio MemberIn

Official Latin term relatio MemberIn
Official subsidiary term MemberIn relation
Unit identifier TAH:U11407
Unit type taxonomic
Materiality non physical entity
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Links of entity taxonomic: relatio MemberIn
External links TA98
Taxonomic links Level 2: relatio anatomica Short Extended
Level 3: relatio partitionis incorporeae rei incorporeae
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Taxonomic definition
Taxonomic definition The MemberIn relation is a singular relation of immaterial partition of immaterial entity [relatio singularis partitionis incorporeae rei incorporeae] which links a set of immaterial entities to an immaterial singular entity being one of its constituent.

The MemberIn relation.

The MemberIn relation is a specialisation of the PartOf relation and contributes as such to the definition of the partonomic hierarchy of TAH.

The MemberIn relation is a link between a father immaterial composite entity and a child immaterial singular entity. Its target is the definition of an individual immaterial entities out of the composite immaterial entity. The generator of the father entity is by definition the taxonomic ancestor of any child member entity.

Example: [cisterna cerebellomedullaris posterior] -> (MemberIn) -> [classis cisternarum subarachnoidearum cranialium].

Name: MemberIn

Inverse relation name: HasMember

Acronym: MBI

Conceptual schema: [Child entity A] -> (MemberIn) -> [Father entity B]

Child entity A: material singular unpaired

Father entity B: material composite unpaired

Date: 26.03.2022