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nomen sulcus mixtum

Official Latin term nomen sulcus mixtum
Official subsidiary term mixed word sulcus
Unit identifier TAH:U11346
Unit type vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
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Taxonomic links Level 2: nomen rei anatomicae Short Extended
Level 3: nomen mixtum
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Taxonomic definition
Taxonomic definition A mixed word sulcus is a mixed word [nomen mixtum ] which is the noun sulcus and its derivatives adjective or prefix.
Vocabulary for 11346
nomen sulcus mixtum
By noun
13796/NFMB tax
sulcus spiralis
Vocabulary for 11963
nomen sulci subarachnoidei
By noun
4010/NFMB pair
arteria sulci precentralis sulci precentralis
4011/NFMB pair
arteria sulci centralis arteriae cerebri mediae
4012/NFMB pair
arteria sulci postcentralis arteriae cerebri mediae
5145/NF1B single
sulcus medianus dorsalis medullae spinalis (sulcus medianus posterior medullae spinalis )
5145/NFMB single
sulcus medianus posterior medullae spinalis
5147/NF1B pair
sulcus ventrolateralis medullae spinalis (sulcus anterolateralis medullae spinalis )
5147/NFMB pair
sulcus anterolateralis medullae spinalis
5148/NF1B pair
sulcus dorsolateralis medullae spinalis (sulcus posterolateralis medullae spinalis )
5148/NFMB pair
sulcus posterolateralis medullae spinalis
5149/NF1B pair
sulcus intermedius dorsalis medullae spinalis (sulcus intermedius posterior medullae spinalis )
5149/NFMB pair
sulcus intermedius posterior medullae spinalis
5271/NF1B pair
sulcus ventrolateralis rhombencephali caudalis (sulcus anterolateralis rhombencephali caudalis )
5271/NFMB pair
sulcus anterolateralis rhombencephali caudalis
5272/NFMB pair
sulcus preolivaris rhombencephali caudalis
5276/NFMB pair
sulcus retroolivaris rhombencephali caudalis
5278/NF1B pair
sulcus dorsolateralis rhombencephali caudalis (sulcus posterolateralis rhombencephali caudalis )
5278/NFMB pair
sulcus posterolateralis rhombencephali caudalis
5286/NF1B single
sulcus medianus dorsalis rhombencephali caudalis (sulcus medianus posterior rhombencephali caudalis )
5286/NFMB single
sulcus medianus posterior rhombencephali caudalis
5424/NFMB pair
sulcus bulbopontinus
5425/NFMB single
sulcus basilaris
5548/NFMB single
sulcus medianus ventriculi quarti
5569/NFMB pair
sulcus limitans ventriculi quarti
5574/NFMB pair
sulcus nervi oculomotorii
5577/NFMB pair
sulcus lateralis mesencephali
5767/NFMB pair
sulcus habenulae
5800/NFMB single
sulcus hypothalamicus
5975/NFMB pset
sulcus cerebri
5983/NFMB pset
sulcus interlobaris superolateralis
5984/NFMB pair
sulcus centralis hemispherii cerebri
5985/NFMB pair
sulcus lateralis hemispherii cerebri
5986/NFMB pair
ramus posterior sulci lateralis hemispherii cerebri
5987/NFMB pair
ramus ascendens sulci lateralis hemispherii cerebri
5988/NFMB pair
ramus anterior sulci lateralis hemispherii cerebri
5989/NFMB pair
sulcus parietooccipitalis hemispherii cerebri
5998/NFMB pair
sulcus frontalis inferior
6001/NFMB pair
sulcus precentralis
6003/NFMB pair
sulcus frontalis superior
6008/NFMB pair
sulcus intraparietalis lobi parietalis
6010/NFMB pair
sulcus postcentralis
6015/NFMB pair
sulcus lunatus
6016/NFMB pair
sulcus occipitalis transversus
6025/NFMB pset
sulcus temporalis transversus
6026/NFMB pair
sulcus temporalis superior
6028/NFMB pair
sulcus temporalis inferior
6034/NFMB pair
sulcus centralis superior insulae
6035/NF1B pair
sulcus periinsularis (sulcus circularis insulae )
6035/NFMB pair
sulcus circularis insulae
6038/NFMB pair
sulcus corporis callosi
6039/NFMB pair
sulcus cingularis
6040/NF1B pair
sulcus marginalis (ramus marginalis )
6041/NFMB pair
sulcus subparietalis
6042/NF1B pair
sulcus occipitotemporalis medialis (sulcus collateralis )
6042/NFMB pair
sulcus collateralis
6044/NFMB pair
sulcus paracentralis
6051/NFMB pset
sulcus paraolfactorius
6053/NFMB pset
sulcus orbitalis
6055/NFMB pair
sulcus olfactorius
6061/NFMB pair
sulcus calcarinus
6065/NF1B pair
sulcus occipitotemporalis lateralis (sulcus occipitotemporalis )
6065/NFMB pair
sulcus occipitotemporalis
6072/NFMB pair
sulcus hippocampalis
6074/NFMB pair
sulcus fimbriodentatus
6076/NFMB pair
sulcus rhinalis
7761/NFMB pair
cisterna sulci centralis hemispherii cerebri
8659/NFMB pair
sulcus frontomarginalis lobi frontalis
8667/NFMB pair
sulcus subcentralis anterior
8668/NFMB pair
sulcus subcentralis posterior
8673/NFMB pair
sulcus paraolfactorius anterior
8674/NFMB pair
sulcus paraolfactorius posterior
8679/NFMB pair
sulcus orbitalis lateralis
8680/NFMB pair
sulcus orbitalis transversus
8681/NFMB pair
sulcus orbitalis medialis
8711/NFMB pair
sulcus temporalis transversus anterior
8712/NFMB pair
sulcus temporalis transversus intermedius
8713/NFMB pair
sulcus temporalis transversus posterior
8735/NFMB pair
sulcus semianularis
8756/NFMB pair
sulcus intrarhinalis
8780/NFMB pair
sulcus diagonalis
8781/NF1B pair
sulcus intermedius anterior (sulcus intermedius primus )
8781/NFMB pair
sulcus intermedius primus
8782/NF1B pair
sulcus intermedius posterior (sulcus intermedius secundus )
8782/NFMB pair
sulcus intermedius secundus
9115/NFMB pset
sulcus interlobaris inferomedialis
9122/NFMB pair
sulcus parietalis transversus
11567/NFMB voc
sulcus interlobaris cerebri
11569/NFMB voc
sulcus lobaris cerebri
11574/NFMB single
sulcus lobi limbici
11581/NFMB single
sulcus insulae
11592/NFMB single
sulcus lobi frontalis
11597/NFMB tax
sulcus rhombencephali
11840/NFMB pair
sulcus radiatus
11963/NFMB voc
nomen sulci subarachnoidei
12000/NFMB single
sulcus lobi temporalis
12001/NFMB single
sulcus lobi parietalis
12002/NFMB single
sulcus lobi occipitalis
12003/NFMB single
sulcus mesencephali
12004/NFMB single
sulcus diencephali
12005/NFMB tax
sulcus medullae spinalis
12158/NFMB pair
sulcus paracingularis
12162/NFMB pair
sulcus rostralis superior
12163/NFMB pair
sulcus rostralis inferior
12166/NFMB pair
sulcus fusiformis medius
12769/NFMB tax
sulcus formationis hippocampalis
13176/NFMB pset
sulcus interlobaris
13534/NFMB tax
sulcus subarachnoideus
By prefix
5207/PFMB pair
fasciculus sulcomarginalis
Vocabulary for 12767
nomen sulcus cordis
By noun
3622/NFMB single
sulcus interventricularis anterior cordis
3623/NFMB single
sulcus interventricularis posterior cordis
3624/NFMB single
sulcus coronarius
3656/NFMB single
sulcus terminalis cordis
Vocabulary for 12768
nomen sulci ossei
By noun
294/NFMB single
sulcus osseus
342/NFMB single
sulcus sinus sagittalis superioris calvariae
405/NFMB pair
sulcus sinus sigmoidei ossis parietalis
406/NFMB pair
sulcus sinus sagittalis superioris ossis parietalis
438/NFMB single
sulcus sinus sagittalis superioris ossis frontalis
484/NFMB pair
sulcus sinus sigmoidei ossis occipitalis
486/NFMB single
sulcus sinus marginalis ossis occipitalis
494/NFMB pair
sulcus prechiasmaticus ossis sphenoidalis
501/NFMB pair
sulcus caroticus ossis sphenoidalis
530/NFMB pair
sulcus tubae auditivae ossis sphenoidalis
549/NFMB pair
sulcus sinus sigmoidei ossis temporalis
550/NFMB pair
sulcus arteriae occipitalis ossis temporalis
601/NFMB pair
sulcus tympanicus ossis temporalis
609/NFMB pair
sulcus arteriae temporalis mediae ossis temporalis
867/NFMB pair
sulcus costae (sulcus costalis )
1207/NFMB single
sulcus calcanei (sulcus calcaneus A3 )
10690/NFMB pair
sulcus nervi cervicalis tertii
10696/NFMB pair
sulcus nervi cervicalis quarti
10702/NFMB pair
sulcus nervi cervicalis quinti
10705/NFMB pair
sulcus nervi cervicalis sexti
10710/NFMB pair
sulcus nervi cervicalis septimi
11433/NFMB pair
sulcus costae quartae
11487/NFMB pair
sulcus costae quintae
12768/NFMB voc
nomen sulci ossei
13107/NFMB pair
sulcus costae primae
13165/NFMB pair
sulcus costae secundae
22456/NFMB pair
sulcus costae tertiae
Vocabulary for 12770
nomen sulci organi sensorii
By noun
568/NFMB pair
sulcus nervi petrosi majoris
570/NFMB pair
sulcus nervi petrosi minoris
573/NFMB pair
sulcus sinus petrosi superioris
581/NFMB pair
sulcus sinus petrosi inferioris
6893/NFMB pair
sulcus sclerae
7123/NFMB pair
sulcus posterior auriculae auris
7128/NFMB pair
sulcus cruris helicis
7173/NFMB pair
sulcus promontorii cavitatis tympani
7334/NFMB pair
sulcus ampullaris
7358/NFMB pair
sulcus spiralis internus
7359/NFMB pair
sulcus spiralis externus
9224/NFMB pset
epitheliocytus limitans sulci spiralis externi
14092/NFMB pset
epitheliocytus limitans sulci spiralis interni
by noun complement
12770/CFMB voc
nomen sulci organi sensorii
Vocabulary for 12771
nomen sulcus corporis
By noun
130/NFMB pair
sulcus suprapalpebralis
132/NFMB pair
sulcus infrapalpebralis
138/NFMB pair
sulcus nasolabialis
140/NFMB single
sulcus geniolabialis
188/NF1B pair
sulcus bicipitalis radialis (sulcus bicipitalis lateralis )
188/NFMB pair
sulcus bicipitalis lateralis
189/NF1B pair
sulcus bicipitalis ulnaris (sulcus bicipitalis medialis )
189/NFMB pair
sulcus bicipitalis medialis
220/NFMB pair
sulcus glutealis
890/NFMB pair
sulcus pulmonalis
2420/NFMB single
sulcus medianus linguae
2421/NFMB single
sulcus terminalis linguae
2656/NFMB single
sulcus intersphinctericus
2666/NFMB single
sulcus venae cavae inferioris
2792/NFMB pair
sulcus olfactorius nasi
3508/NFMB set
sulcus paracolicus
7384/NFMB set
sulcus cutis
7425/NFMB single
sulcus intermammarius
Vocabulary by string
sulcus sinus petrosi inferioris basis cranii
sulcus lacrimalis orbitae
sulcus arteriae meningeae mediae
sulcus sinus petrosi inferioris ossis occipitalis
sulcus sinus transversi ossis occipitalis
sulcus sinus occipitalis ossis occipitalis
sulcus palatovaginalis
sulcus vomerovaginalis
sulcus hamuli pterygoidei ossis sphenoidalis
sulcus lacrimalis ossis lacrimalis
sulcus ethmoidalis ossis nasalis
sulcus vomeris
sulcus infraorbitalis
sulcus lacrimalis faciei nasalis maxillae
sulcus palatinus major maxillae
sulcus palatinus major ossis palatini
sulcus mylohyoideus mandibulae
sulcus nervi spinalis vertebrae cervicalis
sulcus arteriae vertebralis atlantis
sulcus costae
sulcus arteriae sub subclaviae costae primae
sulcus venae sub subclaviae costae primae
sulcus musculi subclavii corporis claviculae
sulcus intertubercularis humeri
sulcus nervi radialis faciei posterioris corporis humeri humeri
sulcus nervi ulnaris humeri
sulcus carpi
sulcus supraacetabularis ilii
sulcus obturatorius pubis
sulcus popliteus
sulcus malleolaris tibiae
sulcus malleolaris fibulae
sulcus tali
sulcus tendinis musculi longi flexoris hallucis tali
sulcus tendinis musculi flexoris hallucis longi
sulcus calcanei
sulcus tendinis musculi fibularis longi
sulcus tendinis musculi fibularis longi
sulcus gingivalis
nomen sulcus cordis
nomen sulcus corporis
sulcus palatinus
ramus muscularis profundus nervi plantaris lateralis
sulcus tendinum musculorum extensorum
sulcus venosus
sulcus arteriosus
Number of occurrences
217 items
Date: 22.06.2022