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artère iliaque circonflexe superficielle (paire)

Terme latin officiel arteria circumflexa ilium superficialis (par)
Terme officiel artère iliaque circonflexe superficielle (paire)
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The arteria circumflexa ilium profunda.

This artery (and two other vessels) is presented following an old tradition about the word ilium, which genitive singular is commonly ilii. A possible argument is that ilium was selected as a genitive plural form. This is not really convincing, because each artery serves a single ilium! Or ilium is an inserted nominative singular noun! But this irregular presentation was the generally accepted form of this term at the time, already by the BNA. The present version of the terminology has decided to maintain this term.

A discussion of this exception can be found in an article by Elena Marechova in 2001 On the new anatomical nomenclature (see Ann Anat (2001) 183:201-207).

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TAH:U4351 artère iliaque circonflexe superficielle (paire)
Date: 28.06.2023