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tronc brachiocéphalique

Terme latin officiel truncus brachiocephalicus
Terme officiel tronc brachiocéphalique
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The brachiocephalic trunk.

This entity receives its name from the tradition and no change would be welcome. However, a few comments are necessary in order to explain what would be a formally correct version of the terminology.

This terminology is mainly presented as a partonomy on one side, and as a taxonomy based on the Foundational Model of Anatomy FMA on the other side. The partonomy is declined around the part_of relation, which receives formal definitions be several authors.

In contrast to the past terminologies, including TA98, which were not formally defined and consequently somewhat approximative or ambiguous about the part_of relation, we want to be strict on this point of view here. Because several relations of the partonomy are of type branch_of, concerning the vessels and the nerves in particular, it is necessary to define the branch_of relation as a specialisation of the part_of relation.

To do that, we consider (following the arguments of the FMA) each vessel or nerve to be the entire tree resulting from it: the main part is the trunk and the several issued attributions are the branches of this tree, this definition being recursive. In this way, the branch_of relation between the vessel or nerve and one of its branches is a part_of relation: the branch is part_of the tree.

Under this condition, the partonomy is properly defined, including the branch_of relation. As a side effect, the trunk generally has no children: the brachiocephalic trunk should better be call brachiocephalic artery because an artery is always defined as the whole arterial tree in this terminology!
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