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fascia rénal (paire)

Terme latin officiel fascia renalis (par)
Terme officiel fascia rénal (paire)
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The kidney is covered by a Capsula fibrosa around which the Capsula adiposa (perirenalis) is found. The whole is enclosed with the Fascia renalis, which consists of an anterior layer or Fascia prerenalis and a posterior layer or Fascia retrorenalis. Between the Fascia retrorenalis and the dorsal body wall with the Fascia transversalis, the Corpus adiposum pararenale is found. The Fascia lateroconalis is the peritoneal thickening, which extends anterolaterally from the adjoining merging lateral borders of the prerenal and retrorenal fascia.
TAH:U3050 fascia rénal (paire)
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Date: 02.11.2023