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Test of terms without expansion

SECTION label or identifier value or descriptive text
Test of terms without expansion
size of test 13 entries
5264 A1 telencephalon
10 A2 lateral
Simple adjective term.
6005 A3 angular gyrus
7670 A3 midget ganglion neuron
7044 A3 common tendinous ring
8088 A3 osseous external acoustic meatus
7816 A4 infratentorial compartment
8141 A5 fusiform myoepithelial cells
7053 A6 eyelids
5973 A7 cerebral gyri (pair)
Specific term of a pset unit, plural.
5184 A8 spinal layer V
Term with an invariant. In English the invariant is positioned at the last position in this terminology.
1651 A9 sphincter muscle
Term formed from a simple apposition of two nouns, both remaining in the nominative singular. The order of nouns in English is reversed regarding the Latin version.
6274 A10 short fibres of association
result all tests succesful
Date: 14.04.2023