Taxonomic list T4, primary language: LA, subsidiary: ES, interface: EN, work in progress

ligamentum ossiculi auditus

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Top level organum Short Extended
Level 2 organum ligamentum Short Extended
Level 3 ligamentum skeletale Short Extended
Current level ligamentum ossiculi auditus
Subsidiary language with Latin
Non Latin primary language
Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short Spanish equivalent
60878 7214 part
ligamentum ossiculi auditus ; ligamentum ossiculi auditorii
ligamento del osículo auditivo
322490 10726
ligamentum mallei
ligamento del martillo
60879 7215 part
ligamentum mallei anterius
ligamento anterior del martillo
60880 7216 part
ligamentum mallei superius
ligamento superior del martillo
60881 7217 part
ligamentum mallei laterale
ligamento lateral del martillo
322489 16524
ligamentum incudis
ligamento del yunque
60882 7218 part
ligamentum incudis superius
ligamento superior del yunque
60883 7219 part
ligamentum incudis posterius
ligamento posterior del yunque
60884 7221 part
ligamentum anulare stapedium
ligamento anular del estribo
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Scientific notes
Type of list T4
List Unit Identifier 7214
Number of children 20 (validated)
Number of units 9 (validated)
Signature 20082 (validated since 11.6.2024)
Date: 20.07.2024