Taxonomic list T4, primary language: LA, subsidiary: ES, interface: EN, work in progress


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Top level complexus anatomicus Short Extended
Level 2 junctura anatomica Short Extended
Level 3 junctura Short Extended
Current level syndesmosis
Subsidiary language with Latin
Non Latin primary language
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Short official Latin term
Short Spanish equivalent
7494 1245
10448 1373 part
syndesmosis columnae vertebralis ; junctura fibrosa columnae vertebralis
sindesmosis de la columna vertebral ; articulación fibrosa de la columna vertebral
10425 1405
syndesmosis thoracis
sindesmosis del tórax
72313 1306 part
syndesmosis cranii
sindesmosis del cráneo
72314 1307 part
ligamentum pterygospinale
ligamento pterygoespinal
71315 1308 part
ligamentum stylohyoideum
ligamento estilohioideo
60875 7213 part
syndesmosis tympanostapedia
sindesmosis tímpanoestapedia
39432 1454 part
syndesmosis radioulnaris
sindesmosis radioulnar
10465 1528 part
syndesmosis tibiofibularis
sindesmosis tibiofíbular
1436 part
syndesmosis cinguli pectoralis ; syndesmose cinguli membri superioris
sindesmosis del cíngulo pectoral
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