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divisio compartimenti

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Top level complexus anatomicus Short Extended
Level 2 divisio compartimenti Short Extended
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Short official Latin term
Short Spanish equivalent
27940 10812
divisio compartimenti
división división compartimento
45204 2248 part
recessus subpopliteus
receso subpoplíteo
29720 15767
divisio fossae ischioanalis
división de la fosa isquioanal
22071 3440 part
canalis pudendus
conducto pudendo
27378 3427 part
saccus superficialis perinei ; compartimentum superficiale
saco superficial del periné
27379 3432 part
saccus profundus perinei
saco perineal profundo
12242 16551
divisio mediastini
división del mediastino
9827 3034 part
mediastinum superius
mediastino superior
9828 3035 part
mediastinum inferius
mediastino inferior
87559 16555
divisio mediastini inferioris
división del mediastino inferior
9838 3036 part
mediastinum anterius
mediastino anterior
5979 6350
raíz anterior del nervio espinal ; raíz ventral del nervio espinal ; raíz motor del nervio espinal
9839 3037 part
mediastinum medium
mediastino medio
5980 6351
raíz posterior del nervio espinal ; raíz dorsal del nervio espinal ; raíz sensorial del nervio espinal
9840 3038 part
mediastinum posterius
mediastino posterior
27378 3426 part
saccus subcutaneus perinei
bolsa subcutánea del periné
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The subcutaneous perineal pouch is a potential space between the membranous layer of perineal subcutaneous tissue and the superficial layer of the investing fascia of perineal muscles. Extravasations or collections in the subcutaneous pouch may track, deep to the membranous layer of subcutaneous tissue, into the anterior abdominal wall, along the clitoris/penis and far into the labia or scrotum.
The superficial perineal pouch is a fully enclosed compartment, being bounded below by the perineal fascia (the superficial layer of the investing fascia of the superficial perineal muscles) and above the perineal membrane.
The deep perineal pouch on the other hand, is not an enclosed compartment but is open to above. This and the deep urogenital muscles are bounded below by the perineal membrane but extend up into the pelvis rendering the old term diaphragma urogenitalis and fascia diaphragmatis urogenitalis inferior misnomers (Oelrich 1980 Am J Anat 158:229-264; 1983 Anat Rec 205:223-232).
Type of list T2
List Unit Identifier 10812
Sublist 1 6350 radix anterior nervi spinalis 97/36 on 16.7.2024
Sublist 2 6351 radix posterior nervi spinalis 97/36 on 16.7.2024
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Date: 20.07.2024