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complexus partium organi

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Top level complexus anatomicus Short Extended
Level 2 complexus partium organi Short Extended
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short Spanish equivalent
64990 10805
complexus partium organi
14462 10861
complexus regionum organorum
69050 14016
vascula partis principalis organi
vasculatura de porción cardinal de órgano
vascula componentis organi neuraxis
vasculatura de componente componente órgano órgano órgano
77841 7348 part
vas spirale
vaso espiral
302805 14634
regio parietis auris mediae
región de la pared del oído medio
77646 7181 part
paries mastoideus
pared mastoidea
77679 7192 part
paries caroticus
pared de la carótida
61010 7193 part
paries membranaceus
pared membranosa
63259 15307 part
tendo flexorius communis
tendo flexor común
326751 14554 part
tendo extensorius communis
tendo expansor común
54549 2295 part
55023 2296 part
palatum durum
paladar duro
293371 11261
regio palati duri
55021 2440 part
palatum molle ; velum palatinale
paladar blando ; velo palatino
293461 22529
regio palati mollis
55022 2441 part
uvula palatinalis
úvula palatino
52590 6357 part
cauda equina
cola equina
76628 338 part
lamina externa calvariae
lámina externa de la calvaria
76629 341 part
lamina interna calvariae
lámina interna de la calvaria
77677 8190
paries auris mediae
pared del oído medio
77247 1790 part
aponeurosis musculi erectoris spinae
aponeurosis del músculo erector erector espina
7449 part
aponeurosis thoracolumbalis
aponeurosis toracolumbar
77248 1791 part
septum intermusculare
tabique intermuscular
311256 15274 part
pes anserinus
pes anserinus
46900 15275 part
tendo musculi quadricipitis femoris
tendo del músculo cuádriceps del muslo
55024 2442 part
arcus palatoglossus ; plica anterior faucium
arco palatogloso
55025 2444 part
arcus palatopharyngeus ; plica posterior faucium
arco palatofaringeo
268155 2978 part
radix pulmonis
raíz pulmonar
54375 2785 part
septum nasi
tabique del nariz
77197 2786 part
pars membranacea septi nasi
porción membranosa del tabique del nariz
2787 part
pars cartilaginea septi nasi
porción cartilaginosa del tabique del nariz
2788 part
pars ossea septi nasi
porción ósea del tabique del nariz
59595 2774 part
pars mobilis septi nasi
porción del tabique del nariz
19937 3310 part
funiculus spermaticus ♂
cordón espermático ♂
32419 16498
fasciculus neurovascularis
fascículo neurovascular
32419 16456 part
fasciculus neurovascularis prostatae ♂
fascículo neurovascular de la próstata ♂
317343 14271
alveolus dentalis
alveola dental
42603 10862
complexus componentis organi
complejo de componente componente órgano
37018 14460 part
cuffia musculotendinea ; manica rotatoria
gorra musculotendinosa
65239 10312
nervus peripheralis T3 80 children
nervio periferico
329291 14779
complexus componentis organi cordis
complejo de componente componente órgano del corazón
77435 3643 part
trigonum nodi atrioventricularis
trígono del nodo atrioventricular
77262 2079 part
aponeurosis glutea
aponeurosis glútea
30318 10774
complexus fasciae
76623 315 part
pericranium ; periosteum externum
77671 7037
fascia muscularis globi oculi
fascia muscular del globo ocular
317186 10314
complexus componentis ossis
complejo complejo componente de hueso
49071 7044 part
anulus tendineus communis
anillo tendinoso común
77251 1897 part
adminiculum lineae albae
adminículo de la línea alba
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The paries mastoideus shows three bony eminences, each giving rise to a ridge: (a) the eminentia pyramidalis; (b) the eminentia chordae tympani; and (c) the eminentia styloidea.
For the paries auris mediae, several new terms have been added giving credit to clinical findings (from Mansour S. Magnan J, Ahmad Hh, Nicolas K, Louryan S 2019 Comprehensive and Clinical Anatomy of the Middle Ear, 2nd ed. Springer, Cham).
The pes anserinus is the common insertion of the sartorius, gracilis and semitendinosus muscles.
The tendo flexorius communis is the common tendon for the superficial flexors of the forearm coming from the medial epicondyle of the humerus. The musculus flexor digitorum superficialis separates into superficial and deep parts, giving rise to tendons to the 3rd and 4th, and 2nd and 5th fingers, respectively. These tendons have been included.
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