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cartilago skeletalis

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Top level organum Short Extended
Level 2 organum cartilago Short Extended
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Short Spanish equivalent
302988 10456
cartilago skeletalis
34838 13447
disco articular de articulación sinovial
67396 20977
disco articular de la sínfisis
7591 13448
cartilago costalis
cartilago costal
60096 7240 part
cartilago tubae auditivae ; cartilago tubae auditoriae
cartilago de la trompa auditiva
59502 2771
cartilago nasi T4 8 children
cartilago nasal
23290 1459 part
labrum glenoidale
labrum glenoideo
7 items
11 entities
Scientific notes
Libelle of note
New term; the Corpus adiposum tubae auditivae (of Ostmann) is a triangular fat pad mediocaudal to the Tuba auditiva and laterocranial to the Musculus tensor veli palatini. It is thought to be important in normal closure of the tube, preventing transmission of nasopharyngeal pressure in the middle ear cavity.
Type of list T3
List Unit Identifier 10456
Sublist 1 2771 cartilago nasi 8/7 on 10.6.2024
Sublist 2 13447 discus articularis articulationis synovialis 12/5 on 10.6.2024
Sublist 3 20977 discus articularis symphysis 28/29 on 10.6.2024
Subtotals subchildren 48 subunits 41
Proper children 10
Number of children 58 (validated)
Proper units 4
Number of units 45 (validated)
Signature 17521 (validated since 10.6.2024)
Date: 13.06.2024