Partonomy list P4, primary language: LA, subsidiary: ES, interface: EN, work in progress

musculi interspinales (par)

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Top level systema musculare Short Extended
Level 2 pars dorsalis systematis muscularis Short Extended
Level 3 musculi dorsi proprii (par) Short Extended
Current level musculi interspinales (par)
Subsidiary language with Latin
Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short Spanish equivalent
22841 1823 tax
musculi interspinales (par)
músculos interespinales (par)
22847 1826 tax
musculi interspinales cervicales (par)
músculos interespinales cervicales (par)
22892 10729 tax
(musculus interspinalis cervicalis primus (par) )
(primero músculo interespinal cervical (par) )
295333 10730 tax
musculus interspinalis cervicalis secundus (par)
segundo músculo interespinal cervical (par)
81596 10731 tax
musculus interspinalis cervicalis tertius (par)
tercero músculo interespinal cervical (par)
81597 10732 tax
musculus interspinalis cervicalis quartus (par)
cuarto músculo interespinal cervical (par)
81598 10733 tax
musculus interspinalis cervicalis quintus (par)
quinto músculo interespinal cervical (par)
81599 10734 tax
musculus interspinalis cervicalis sextus (par)
sexto músculo interespinal cervical (par)
22893 10735 tax
musculus interspinalis cervicalis septimus (par)
séptimo músculo interespinal cervical (par)
22846 1825 tax
musculi interspinales thoracici (par)
músculos interespinales torácicos (par)
327090 10753 tax
musculus interspinalis thoracicus primus (par)
primero músculo interespinoso torácico (par)
10751 tax
(musculus interspinalis thoracicus secundus (par) )
(segundo músculo interespinoso torácico (par))
327091 10752 tax
musculus interspinalis thoracicus undecimus (par)
undécimo músculo interespinoso torácico (par)
10761 tax
(musculus interspinalis thoracicus duodecimus (par) )
(duodécimo músculo interespinoso torácico (par))
22844 1824 tax
musculi interspinales lumbales (par)
músculos interespinales lumbares (par)
22888 10762 tax
musculus interspinalis primus (par)
primero músculo interespinoso lumbar (par)
22889 10763 tax
musculus interspinalis secundus (par)
segundo músculo interespinoso lumbar (par)
81612 10764 tax
musculus interspinalis tertius (par)
tercero músculo interespinoso lumbar (par)
81613 10772 tax
musculus interspinalis quartus (par)
cuarto músculo interespinoso lumbar (par)
10773 tax
(musculus interspinalis quintus (par) )
(quinto músculo interespinoso lumbar (par))
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Scientific notes
Type of list P4
List Unit Identifier 1823
Number of children 59 (validated)
Number of units 20 (validated)
Signature 6686 (validated since 20.12.2022)
Date: 05.06.2024