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pars petrosa (par)

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Top level systema nervosum
Level 2 systema arteriosum cerebrospinale Short Extended
Level 3 arteria carotis interna (par) Short Extended
Current level pars petrosa (par)
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Short official Latin term
Short Spanish equivalent
49816 35452
pars petrosa (par) ; segmentum C2 (par)
porción petrosa (par) ; segmento C2 (par)
49828 35456
arteriae caroticotympanicae (par)
arterias carotidotímpanicas (par)
49831 35459
arteria canalis pterygoidei (par)
arteria del conducto pterygoidal (par)
(arteria trigeminalis persistens (par) )
(arteria trigeminal persistente (par) )
327593 35462
(arteria stapedia persistens (par) )
(arteria estapedia persistente (par) )
327586 35465
(arteria otica persistens (par) )
(arteria ótica persistente (par) )
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Scientific notes
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See note # 23165
During development, longitudinal arteries are formed, connected with the ICAs by temporary (or primitive) trigeminal, otic, stapedial and hypoglossal arteries (see Padget DH 1948 The development of the cranial arteries in the human embryo. Contrib Embryol Carnegie Instn 32:2-5-261). These 'Primitive arteries' may persist (Wohlschlaeger G, Wohlschlaeger PB 1964 The primitive trigeminal artery as seen angiographically and at postmortem examination. AJR Am J Roentgenol 92:761-768; Suttner N, Mura J, Tedeschi H, et al. 2000 Persistent trigeminal artery: A unique anatomic specimen - analysis and therapeutic implications. Neurosurgery 47:428-434).
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