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vestibulum (par)

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Top level organa sensoria Short Extended
Level 2 organum vestibulocochleare (par) Short Extended
Level 3 auris interna (par) Short Extended
Current level vestibulum (par)
Subsidiary language with Latin
Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short Spanish equivalent
60183 7250 tax
vestibulum (par)
vestibulo (par)
61017 7251 tax
recessus ellipticus (par) ; recessus utricularis (par)
receso elíptico (par) ; receso utricular (par)
56451 578 tax
canaliculus vestibuli ; aqueductus vestibularis
canalículo vestibular ; acueducto vestibular
56421 579 tax
apertura externa canaliculi vestibuli
orificio externo del canalículo vestibular
77741 7253 tax
crista vestibuli (par)
cresta vestibular (par)
77742 7254 tax
pyramis vestibuli (par)
pirámide del vestibulo (par)
76936 7255 tax
recessus sphericus (par) ; recessus saccularis (par)
receso esférico (par) ; receso sacular (par)
76937 7256 tax
recessus cochlearis (par)
receso coclear (par)
77705 7257 tax
maculae cribrosae (par)
maculas cribrosas (par)
77722 7258 tax
macula cribrosa superior (par)
macula cribrosa superior (par)
77723 7259 tax
macula cribrosa media (par)
macula cribrosa media (par)
77724 7260 tax
macula cribrosa inferior (par)
macula cribrosa inferior (par)
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83.3 %
Scientific notes
Libelle of note
In ENT Surgery, the Macula cribrosa superior is known as 'Mike's dot' (after Michael E. Glasscock). It is an important landmark for translabyrinthine resection of an acoustic neurinoma.
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