Partonomy list P3, primary language: LA, subsidiary: ES, interface: EN, work in progress

diaphragma pelvis

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Top level systema musculare Short Extended
Level 2 pars pelvica systematis muscularis Short Extended
Current level diaphragma pelvis
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Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short Spanish equivalent
19726 1950
diaphragma pelvis
diafragma pelvico
19087 1951
musculus levator ani
músculo elevador del ano
musculus pubovisceralis
músculo pubovisceral
19092 1958
musculus iliococcygeus
músculo iliocoxígeo
46442 1959
(arcus tendineus musculi levatoris ani )
(arco tendinoso del músculo elevador del ano )
19090 1952
musculus pubococcygeus
músculo pubocoxígeo
musculus puboprostaticus ♂ ; musculus levator prostatae ♂
músculo puboprostatico ♂
76452 1953
musculus puboperinealis
músculo puboperineal
19090 1955
musculus pubovaginalis ♀
músculo pubovaginal ♀
77254 1956
musculus puborectalis ; musculus puboanalis
músculo puborectal
21930 1962
musculus sphincter ani externus
músculo esfínter externo del ano
27286 1963
pars cutanea
porción cutanea
27287 1964
pars superficialis musculi sphincteris ani externi ; pars superficialis musculi puborectalis
porción superficial del músculo esfínter externo del ano ; porción superficial del músculo puborectal
27292 1965
pars profunda musculi sphincteris ani externi ; pars profunda musculi puborectalis
porción profunda del músculo esfínter externo del ano ; porción profunda del músculo puborectal
20273 1966
corpus anococcygeum
cuerpo anocoxígeo
27255 1967
tendo musculi pubococcygei ; raphe diaphragmatis pelvis
tendo del músculo pubocoxígeo ; rafe del diafragma pelvico
77257 1968
raphe musculi iliococcygei
rafe del músculo iliocoxígeo
77259 1969
insertio partis superficialis musculi sphincteris ani externi ; ligamentum anococcygeum
inserción de la porción superficial del músculo esfínter externo del ano ; ligamento anocoxígeo
77256 1960
hiatus urogenitalis
hiato urogenital
hiatus anorectalis
hiato anorectal
19088 1961
musculus ischiococcygeus ; musculus coccygeus
músculo coxígeo; músculo coxígeo
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Going back to DeLancey (1996 J Pelvic Surg 2:260-263) and Shafik (1999 World J Urol 17:266-273), it would be wise to keep the term Musculus levator ani as the top position of the partonomy.
Dorschner et al. (2001 Adv Anat Embryol Cell Biol Vol 159) has not found a morphological substate for such a muscle.
Fritsch et al. (2002 Dis Colon Rectum 45:188-194) and Wu et al. (2015 PLoS ONE 10:e0132226) could not demonstrate attachment to the vagina.
The Musculus puborectalis colocalizes with the deep and superficial portions of the Musculus spincter ani externus (Wu et al. 2017 J Anat (Lond) 230:651-663; Wu et al. 2020 Clin Anat 33:275-285).
Type of list P3
List Unit Identifier 1950
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Number of children 20 (validated)
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Number of units 21 (validated)
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Date: 18.07.2023