Partonomy list P3, primary language: LA, subsidiary: EN, interface: EN, work in progress

anulus lymphaticus pharyngis

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Top level systema lymphaticum Short Extended
Level 2 organa lymphatica secundaria Short Extended
Current level anulus lymphaticus pharyngis
Subsidiary language with Latin
Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
55070 4892
anulus lymphaticus pharyngis ; anulus lymphoideus pharyngis
pharyngeal lymphatic ring; pharyngeal lymphoid ring
54836 2424 Tax
tonsilla lingualis
lingual tonsil
76591 4893
cryptae tonsillae lingualis
crypts of lingual tonsil; tonsillar crypts
76593 2425
noduli lymphatici ; noduli lymphoidei
lymphatic nodules ; lymphoid nodules
9610 2448 Tax
tonsilla palatina (par)
palatine tonsil (pair)
76578 2451
fossulae tonsillae palatinae (par)
pits of palatine tonsil (pair); tonsillar pits (pair)
76579 2452
cryptae tonsillae palatinae (par)
crypts of palatine tonsil (pair); tonsillar crypts (pair)
77275 2449
capsula tonsillae palatinae (par)
capsule of palatine tonsil (pair); tonsillar capsule (pair)
54970 2465 Tax
tonsilla pharyngea
pharyngeal tonsil
268974 2466
fossulae tonsillae pharyngeae
pits of pharyngeal tonsil; tonsillar pits
76591 2467
cryptae tonsillae pharyngeae
crypts of pharyngeal tonsil; tonsillar crypts
noduli lymphatici ; noduli lymphoidei
lymphatic nodules ; lymphoid nodules
54975 2475 Tax
tonsilla tubaria (par)
tubal tonsil (pair)
76591 4894
cryptae tonsillae tubariae (par)
crypts of tubal tonsil (pair); tonsillar crypts (pair)
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Date: 27.05.2024