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musculi articulationis coxae (par)

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Top level systema musculare
Level 2 systema musculare membri inferioris Short Extended
Level 3 musculi membri inferioris (par) Short Extended
Current level musculi articulationis coxae (par)
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Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
musculi articulationis coxae (par)
muscles of hip joint (pair)
musculi ventrales coxae (par)
ventral muscles of hip (pair)
64918 2072
musculus iliopsoas (par)
iliopsoas muscle (pair)
22310 2073
musculus iliacus (par)
iliac muscle (pair) ; iliacus muscle (pair)
18060 2074
musculus psoas major (par)
greater psoas muscle (pair) ; psoas major muscle (pair)
22350 2075
(musculus psoas minor (par) )
(lesser psoas muscle (pair) ; psoas minor muscle (pair))
musculi dorsales coxae (par)
dorsal muscles of hip (pair)
musculi dorsales coxae superficiales (par)
superficial dorsal muscles of hip (pair)
22314 2076
musculus gluteus maximus (par)
superficial gluteal muscle (pair); superficial muscle of buttock (pair); gluteus maximus muscle (pair)
22315 2077
musculus gluteus medius (par)
intermediate gluteal muscle (pair); intermediate muscle of buttock (pair); gluteus medius muscle (pair)
22317 2078
musculus gluteus minimus (par)
deep gluteal muscle (pair); deep muscle of buttock (pair); gluteus minimus muscle (pair)
77262 2079
aponeurosis glutea (par)
gluteal aponeurosis (pair)
22423 2080
musculus tensor fasciae latae femoris (par)
tensor muscle of fascia lata of thigh (pair) ; tensor fasciae latae femoris muscle (pair)
musculi dorsales coxae profundi (par)
deep dorsal muscles of hip (pair)
19082 2081
musculus piriformis (par)
piriform muscle (pair) ; piriformis muscle (pair)
22298 2082
musculus obturatorius internus (par)
internal obturator muscle (pair) ; obturator internus muscle (pair)
22318 2083
musculus gemellus superior (par)
superior gemellus muscle (pair); gemellus superior muscle (pair)
22320 2084
musculus gemellus inferior (par)
inferior gemellus muscle (pair); gemellus inferior muscle (pair)
22321 2085
musculus quadratus femoris (par)
quadratus muscle of thigh (pair); quadratus femoris muscle (pair)
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