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vena portae hepatis

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Top level systema cardiovasculare Short Extended
Level 2 systema venosum Short Extended
Current level vena portae hepatis Extended
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Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
66645 4810
vena portae hepatis ; vena portae
hepatic portal vein; portal vein
66645 14686
pars intrahepatica venae portae hepatis
intrahepatic part of hepatic portal vein
15414 4811
ramus dexter
right branch
15419 4812
ramus anterior
anterior branch
15422 4813
ramus posterior
posterior branch
15415 4814
ramus sinister
left branch
15789 4815
pars transversa
transverse part
15425 4816
rami lobi caudati
caudate branches
77160 4817
pars umbilicalis
umbilical part
14080 2668
ligamentum venosum
venous ligament
15430 4818
rami laterales
lateral branches
70317 4819
vena umbilicalis
umbilical vein
14079 2672
ligamentum teres hepatis
round ligament of liver
15427 4820
rami mediales
medial branches
71904 15540
pars prehepatica venae portae hepatis
prehepatic part of hepatic portal vein
15403 4821
vena cystica
cystic vein
71591 4822
venae paraumbilicales
paraumbilical veins
15398 4823
vena pancreaticoduodenalis superior posterior
posterior superior pancreaticoduodenal vein
15399 4824
vena gastrica sinistra
left gastric vein
15400 4825
vena gastrica dextra
right gastric vein
15404 4826
vena prepylorica
prepyloric vein
14332 4827
superior mesenteric vein
14331 4837
splenic vein
anastomoses portocavales
portocaval anastomoses
anastomosis portocavalis gastrooesophagea
gastrooesophageal portocaval anastomosis
15399 4824
vena gastrica sinistra
left gastric vein
62829 4491
venae oesophageales ; venae oesophageae
anastomosis portocavalis mesentericorectalis
mesentericorectal portocaval anastomosis
15391 4841
vena mesenterica inferior
inferior mesenteric vein
70913 4766
venae rectales inferiores ; venae anorectales inferiores
inferior rectal veins ; inferior anorectal veins ; inferior hemorrhoidal veins
anastomosis portocavalis rectalis
rectal portocaval anastomosis
15393 4844
vena rectalis superior ; vena anorectalis superior
superior rectal vein ; superior anorectal vein ; superior haemorrhoidal vein
70912 4762
venae rectales mediae ; venae anorectales mediae
middle rectal veins ; middle anorectal veins ; middle hemorrhoidal veins
anastomosis portocavalis subcutanea
subcutaneous portocaval anastomosis
71591 4822
venae paraumbilicales
paraumbilical veins
44318 4780
vena epigastrica superficialis
superficial epigastric vein
anastomosis portocavalis muscularis
muscular portocaval anastomosis
71591 4822
venae paraumbilicales
paraumbilical veins
21162 4772
vena epigastrica inferior
inferior epigastric vein
anastomosis portocavalis preperitonealis
preperitoneal portocaval anastomosis
71591 4822
venae paraumbilicales
paraumbilical veins
18934 4755
plexus venosus vesicalis
vesical venous plexus
anastomosis portocavalis retroperitonealis
retroperitoneal portocaval anastomosis
14331 4837
vena splenica ; vena lienalis
splenic vein
venae retroperitoneales anteriores
anterior retroperitoneal veins
anastomosis portocavalis hepatica
hepatic portocaval anastomosis
capsula fibrosa perivascularis
perivascular fibrous capsule
14480 2665
area nuda faciei diaphragmaticae hepatis
nude area of diaphragmatic face of liver
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Fine veins emptying into the ventral aspect of the inferior vena cava and its tributaries (Turyna et al. 2013 J Anat 223:69-73).
Under pathological conditions, venovenous ‘bypasses’ open to decrease hypertension in the portal vein system. These are enlarged existing venovenous anastomoses: Portocaval anastomoses. The following major routes can be distinguished (Luzsa G 1972 Röntgenanatomie des Gefäßsystems. Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest; Kachlik et al. 2021 Bosn J Basic Med Sci 21:208-220).
Between tributaries of the left gastric vein and the oesophageal veins.
Between tributaries of the superior rectal vein and the middle and inferior rectal veins.
Between the paraumbilical veins and tributaries of the superficial eipgastric and thoracoepigastric veins.
Between the paraumbilical veins and tributaties of the inferior and superior epigastric veins within both rectus abdominis muscles.
Between the paraumbilical veins and tributaries of the vesical venous plexus running in the midline along the median umbilical ligament.
Between veins of the spleen and retroperitoneal veins and veins of the posterior abdominal wall.
Between veins of the hepatic capsule and veins of the diaphragm at the area nuda hepatis.
Between the inferior mesenteric vein and the middle and inferior rectal veins.
Date: 17.09.2023