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venae membri inferioris (par)

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Top level systema cardiovasculare
Level 2 systema venosum Short Extended
Current level venae membri inferioris (par) Short
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
70914 4775
venae membri inferioris (par)
veins of lower limb (pair)
confluens venosus subinguinalis (par)
subinguinal venous confluence (pair)
valva terminalis (par)
terminal valve (pair)
valva preterminalis (par)
preterminal valve (pair)
70942 4776
venae superficiales membri inferioris (par)
superficial veins of lower limb (pair)
21376 4777
large saphenous vein (pair) ; long saphenous vein (pair)
junctio saphenofemoralis (par)
saphenofemoral junction (pair)
70915 4778
venae pudendae externae (par)
external pudendal veins (pair)
44319 4779
vena circumflexa ilium superficialis (par)
superficial circumflex vein of ilium (pair)
44318 4780
vena epigastrica superficialis (par)
superficial epigastric vein (pair)
44320 4781
vena saphena accessoria (par)
accessory saphenous vein (pair)
75397 4782
venae dorsales superficiales clitoridis (par) ♀
superficial dorsal veins of clitoris (pair) ♀
venae dorsales superficiales penis (par) ♂
superficial dorsal veins of penis (pair) ♂
75399 4784
venae labiales anteriores (par) ♀
anterior labial veins (pair) ♀
venae scrotales anteriores (par) ♂
anterior scrotal veins (pair) ♂
44333 4786
small saphenous vein (pair)
junctio saphenopoplitea (par)
saphenopopliteal junction (pair)
extensio proximalis (par)
proximal extension (pair)
(vena intersaphena femoris (par) )
(intersaphenous vein of thigh (pair) )
44358 4787
rete venosum dorsale pedis (par)
dorsal venous anastomosis of foot (pair)
44356 4788
arcus venosus dorsalis pedis (par)
dorsal venous arch of foot (pair)
70916 4789
venae metatarsales dorsales (par)
dorsal metatarsal veins (pair)
70917 4790
venae digitales dorsales pedis (par)
dorsal digital veins of foot (pair)
44549 4791
rete venosum plantare (par)
plantar venous anastomosis (pair)
44489 4792
arcus venosus plantaris (par)
plantar venous arch (pair)
70918 4793
venae metatarsales plantares (par)
plantar metatarsal veins (pair)
70919 4794
venae digitales plantares (par)
plantar digital veins (pair)
70941 4795
venae intercapitulares pedis (par)
intercapitular veins of foot (pair)
44359 4796
vena marginalis lateralis (par)
lateral marginal vein (pair)
44420 4797
vena marginalis medialis (par)
medial marginal vein (pair)
71585 4798
venae profundae membri inferioris (par)
deep veins of lower limb (pair)
21185 4799
vena femoralis (par) P4 2 children
femoral vein (pair)
51041 4800
deep vein of thigh (pair)
70920 4801
venae circumflexae mediales femoris (par)
medial circumflex veins of thigh (pair)
70921 4802
venae circumflexae laterales femoris (par)
lateral circumflex veins of thigh (pair)
70922 4803
venae perforantes femoris (par)
perforating veins of thigh (pair)
44327 4804
vena poplitea (par) P4 20 children
popliteal vein (pair)
70923 4805
venae surales (par)
sural veins (pair)
70924 4806
venae geniculares (par)
genicular veins (pair)
70925 4807
venae tibiales anteriores (par)
anterior tibial veins (pair)
70926 4808
venae tibiales posteriores (par)
posterior tibial veins (pair)
71586 4809
venae fibulares (par) ; venae peroneae (par)
fibular veins (pair) ; peroneal veins (pair)
vena perforans cruris tibialis posterior inferior (par)
inferior posterior tibial perforating vein of leg (pair)
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