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musculi oris (par)

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Top level systema musculare
Level 2 pars capitis systematis muscularis Short Extended
Level 3 musculi faciei Short Extended
Current level musculi oris (par)
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
musculi oris (par)
muscles of mouth (pair)
46816 1708
musculus depressor labii inferioris oris (par)
depressor muscle of lower lip of mouth (pair) ; depressor labii inferioris muscle (pair)
46828 1701
musculus depressor anguli oris (par)
depressor muscle of angle of mouth (pair) ; depressor anguli oris muscle (pair)
46822 1709
musculus levator anguli oris (par)
levator muscle of angle of mouth (pair) ; levator anguli oris muscle (pair)
46805 1706
musculus levator labii superioris oris (par)
levator muscle of upper lip of mouth (pair) ; levator labii superioris muscle (pair)
46837 1710
modiolus anguli oris (par)
modiolus of angle of mouth (pair) ; modiolus anguli oris (pair)
46841 1698
musculus orbicularis oris (par)
orbicular muscle of mouth (pair) ; orbicularis oris muscle (pair)
46844 1699
pars marginalis (par)
marginal part (pair)
46843 1700
pars labialis (par)
labial part (pair)
46802 1707
musculus levator nasolabialis (par)
nasolabial levator muscle (pair) ; levator nasolabialis muscle (pair)
46838 1703
musculus risorius (par)
risorius muscle (pair)
46834 1711
musculus buccinator (par)
buccinator muscle (pair)
46810 1704
musculus zygomaticus major (par)
greater zygomatic muscle (pair) ; zygomaticus major muscle (pair)
46811 1705
musculus zygomaticus minor (par)
lesser zygomatic muscle (pair) ; zygomaticus minor muscle (pair)
46825 1712
musculus mentalis (par)
chin muscle (pair); mentalis muscle (pair)
49080 1702
musculus transversus menti (par)
transverse muscle of chin (pair) ; transversus menti muscle (pair)
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Date: 31.12.2022