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sinus venosi durales

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Top level systema cardiovasculare
Level 2 systema venosum cerebrospinale Short Extended
Current level sinus venosi durales
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
50762 4555
sinus venosi durales
dural venous sinuses
50763 4556
sinus transversus (par)
transverse sinus (pair)
sinus tentorialis (par)
tentorial sinus (pair)
50784 4557
confluens sinuum
confluence of sinuses
50766 4558
sinus marginalis (par)
marginal sinus (pair)
50781 4559
sinus occipitalis
occipital sinus
(sinus occipitalis obliquus)
(oblique occipital sinus)
50783 4560
plexus basilaris
basilar plexus
50777 4561
sinus petrosquamosus (par)
petrosquamous sinus (pair)
50782 4562
sinus sigmoideus (par)
sigmoid sinus (pair)
50767 4563
sinus sagittalis superior
superior sagittal sinus
lacunae laterales (par)
lateral (pair)
50768 4565
sinus sagittalis inferior
inferior sagittal sinus
52213 9036
(plexus venosus falcis cerebri (par))
(ERR1 (pair))
50769 4566
sinus rectus
rectus sinus
50770 4567
sinus petrosus inferior (par)
inferior petrous sinus (pair)
52386 4568
venae labyrinthicae (par)
labyrinthine veins (pair)
50771 4569
sinus petrosus superior (par)
superior petrous sinus (pair)
50772 4570
sinus cavernosus (par)
cavernous sinus (pair)
50773 9039
sinus intercavernosi
intercavernous sinuses
50774 4571
sinus intercavernosus anterior
anterior intercavernous sinus
50775 4572
sinus intercavernosus posterior
posterior intercavernous sinus
(sinus intercavernosus inferior)
(inferior intercavernous sinus)
50776 4573
sinus sphenoparietalis (par)
sphenoparietal sinus (pair)
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Several Sinus durae matris have been added: 1) Sinus tentorii (Tentorial sinus; see Matsushima M, Suzuki SO, Fukui M, et al. 1989 Microsurgical anatomy of the tentorial sinuses. J Neurosurg 71:923-928); 2) A variable Sinus occipitalis obliquus (Oblique occipital sinus; see Tubbs RS, Bosmia An, Shoja MM, et al. 2011 The oblique occipital sinus: A review of anatomy and imaging characteristics. Surg Radiol Anat 33:747-749); 3) A variable Plexus venosus falcis (Venous plexus of falx; see Tubbs RS, Loukas M, Shoja MM, et al. 2007 Anatomy of the falcine venous plexus. J Neurosurg 107:155-157); 4) A variabe Sinus intercavernosus inferior (Inferior intercavernous sinus; see Tubbs RS, Griessenauer C, Loukas M, Cohen-Gadol A 2014 Circular sinus: An anatomical study with neurosurgical and neurointerventional applications. World Neurosurg 82:475-478).
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