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truncus thyrocervicalis (par)

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Top level systema cardiovasculare Short Extended
Level 2 systema arteriosum Short Extended
Level 3 arteria subclavia (par) Short Extended
Current level truncus thyrocervicalis (par)
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Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
3990 4091
truncus thyrocervicalis (par)
thyrocervical trunk (pair)
10662 4092
arteria thyroidea inferior (par)
inferior thyroid artery (pair)
52492 4093
arteria laryngea inferior (par)
inferior laryngeal artery (pair)
rami glandulares (par)
glandular branches of (pair)
rami pharyngei (par) ; rami pharyngeales (par)
pharyngeal branches of (pair)
rami oesophagei (par) ; rami oesophageales (par)
oesophageal branches of (pair)
rami tracheales (par)
tracheal branches of (pair)
52489 4098
arteria cervicalis ascendens (par)
ascending cervical artery (pair)
rami spinales (par)
spinal branches of (pair)
10663 4100
arteria suprascapularis (par)
suprascapular artery (pair)
70396 4101
ramus acromialis (par)
acromial branch (pair)
10664 4102
arteria transversa cervicis (par) ; arteria transversa colli (par); arteria cervicalis transversa (par)
transverse cervical artery (pair)
10665 4103
ramus superficialis (par)
superficial branch (pair)
77440 4104
ramus ascendens (par)
ascending branch (pair)
77441 4105
ramus descendens (par)
descending branch (pair)
arteria supraclavicularis (par)
supraclavicular artery (pair)
79658 4106
ramus profundus (par) ; arteria dorsalis scapulae (par)
deep branch (pair)
79658 4107
(arteria dorsalis scapulae (par) )
(dorsal scapular artery (pair) )
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The arteria dorsalis scapulae can be viewed as synonym of the ramus profundus (4106), but it may form a separate branch (4107) of the subclavian artery.
See note # 4106
Arteria supraclavicularis is a small branch from the transverse cervical artery, supplying the fascia and skin above and below the clavicula (Kachlik et al.2015 Ann Anat 201:8-16).
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Date: 23.06.2023