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ureter (par)

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Top level systema urinarium Short Extended
Current level ureter (par) Extended
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
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ureter (par)
ureter (pair)
15882 3105
pars abdominalis ureteris (par)
abdominal part of ureter (pair)
15883 3106
pars pelvica ureteris (par)
pelvic part of ureter (pair)
77289 3107
pars intramuralis ureteris (par)
intramural part of ureter (pair)
constrictio renalis (par)
renal constriction (pair)
constrictio iliaca (par)
iliac constriction (pair)
constrictio vesicalis (par)
vesical constriction (pair)
laminae ureteris (par) P3 26 children
layers of ureter (pair)
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The ureter shows three constrictions from Musil et al. (2019) Bosn J Basic Med Sci 19:1-13: 1) Constrictio renalis (isthmus ureteris) between the renal pelvis and the abdominal part of the ureter. 2) Constrictio iliaca, where iliac vessels cross the ureter between the abdominal and pelvic parts of the ureter. 3) Constrictio vesicalis in the intramural part of the ureter, when passing through the wall of the urinary bladder.
Date: 27.11.2023