Partonomy list P4, primary language: LA, subsidiary: EN, interface: EN, work in progress

musculus erector spinae (par)

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Top level systema musculare Short Extended
Level 2 pars dorsalis systematis muscularis Short Extended
Level 3 musculi dorsi proprii (par) Short Extended
Current level musculus erector spinae (par)
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Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
71302 1789 Tax
musculus erector spinae (par)
erector muscle of spine (pair) ; erector spinae muscle (pair)
77247 1790 Tax
aponeurosis musculi erectoris spinae (par)
aponeurosis of erector muscle of spine (pair)
77248 1791 Tax
septum intermusculare (par)
intermuscular septum (pair)
77177 1792 Tax
musculus iliocostalis (par)
iliocostal muscle (pair) ; iliocostalis muscle (pair)
22704 1796 Tax
musculus iliocostalis cervicis (par)
iliocostal muscle of neck (pair); iliocostalis cervicis muscle (pair)
77175 1795 Tax
pars thoracica (par)
thoracic part (pair)
77174 1794 Tax
pars lumbalis (par) ; divisio lateralis musculi erectoris spinae lumborum (par)
lumbar part (pair) ; lateral division of lumbar erector spinae (pair)
77178 1797 Tax
musculus longissimus (par)
longissimus muscle (pair)
22714 1801 Tax
musculus longissimus capitis (par)
longissimus muscle of head (pair) ; longissimus capitis muscle (pair)
22711 1800 Tax
musculus longissimus cervicis (par)
longissimus muscle of neck (pair) ; longissimus cervicis muscle (pair)
22709 1798 Tax
musculus longissimus thoracis (par)
longissimus muscle of thorax (pair) ; longissimus thoracis muscle (pair)
77249 1799 Tax
pars lumbalis (par) ; divisio medialis musculi erectoris spinae lumborum (par)
lumbar part (pair) ; medial division of lumbar erector spinae (pair)
77179 1802 Tax
musculus spinalis (par)
spinal muscle (pair)
22775 1805 Tax
musculus spinalis capitis (par)
spinal muscle of head (pair) ; spinalis capitis muscle (pair)
22770 1804 Tax
musculus spinalis cervicis (par)
spinal muscle of neck (pair) ; spinalis cervicis muscle (pair)
22765 1803 Tax
musculus spinalis thoracis (par)
spinal muscle of thorax (pair) ; spinalis thoracis muscle (pair)
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Scientific notes
Type of list P4
List Unit Identifier 1789
Number of children 47 (validated)
Number of units 16 (validated)
Signature 21199 (validated since 20.12.2022)
Date: 27.05.2024