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musculi transversospinales (par)

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Top level systema musculare
Level 2 pars dorsalis systematis muscularis Short Extended
Level 3 musculi dorsi proprii (par) Short Extended
Current level musculi transversospinales (par)
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Non Latin primary language English French Spanish Russian
Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
71304 1810
musculi transversospinales (par)
transversospinal muscles (pair)
22827 1811
musculi multifidi (par)
multifidus muscles (pair)
22833 1814
musculus multifidus cervicis (par) ; musculus multifidus cervicis (par)
multifidus muscle of neck of tooth (pair) ; multifidus cervicis muscle (pair)
22832 1813
musculus multifidus thoracis (par)
multifidus muscle of thorax (pair) ; multifidus thoracis muscle (pair)
22831 1812
musculus multifidus lumborum (par)
multifidus muscle of loins (pair) ; multifidus lumborum muscle (pair)
22823 1815
musculi semispinales (par)
semispinal muscles (pair)
22830 1818
musculus semispinalis capitis (par)
semispinal muscle of head (pair) ; semispinalis capitis muscle (pair)
22829 1817
musculus semispinalis cervicis (par) ; musculus semi spinalis colli cervicis (par)
semispinal muscle of neck of tooth (pair) ; semispinalis cervicis muscle (pair)
22828 1816
musculus semispinalis thoracis (par)
semispinal muscle of thorax (pair) ; semispinalis thoracis muscle (pair)
23081 1819
musculi rotatores (par)
rotator muscles (pair)
23082 1822
musculus rotator cervicis (par) ; musculus rotator cervicis (par)
rotator muscle of neck of tooth (pair) ; rotator cervicis muscle (pair)
23083 1821
musculi rotatores thoracis (par)
rotator muscles of thorax (pair) ; rotatores thoracis muscles (pair)
81495 15127
musculus rotator thoracis primus (par)
first rotator muscle of thorax (pair)
81496 15128
musculus rotator thoracis secundus (par)
second rotator muscle of thorax (pair)
81497 15129
musculus rotator thoracis tertius (par)
third rotator muscle of thorax (pair)
81498 15130
musculus rotator thoracis quartus (par)
fourth rotator muscle of thorax (pair)
81499 15131
musculus rotator thoracis quintus (par)
fifth rotator muscle of thorax (pair)
81500 15132
musculus rotator thoracis sextus (par)
sixth rotator muscle of thorax (pair)
81501 15133
musculus rotator thoracis septimus (par)
seventh rotator muscle of thorax (pair)
81502 15134
musculus rotator thoracis octavus (par)
eighth rotator muscle of thorax (pair)
81503 15135
musculus rotator thoracis nonus (par)
ninth rotator muscle of thorax (pair)
81504 15136
musculus rotator thoracis decimus (par)
tenth rotator muscle of thorax (pair)
81505 15137
musculus rotator thoracis undecimus (par)
eleventh rotator muscle of thorax (pair)
23084 1820
(musculus rotator lumborum (par) )
(rotator muscle of loins (pair) )
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Scientific notes
Type of list P4
List Unit Identifier 1810
Number of children 71 (validated)
Number of units 24 (validated)
Signature 11422 (validated since 20.12.2022)
Date: 31.12.2022