Partonomy list P4, primary language: LA, subsidiary: EN, interface: EN, work in progress

musculi nasi (par)

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Top level systema musculare Short Extended
Level 2 pars capitis systematis muscularis Short Extended
Level 3 musculi faciei Short Extended
Current level musculi nasi (par)
Subsidiary language with Latin
Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
73758 13572 Tax
musculi nasi (par)
muscles of nose (pair)
46770 1684 Tax
musculus nasalis (par)
nasal muscle (pair) ; nasalis muscle (pair)
46772 1685 Tax
pars transversa (par)
transverse part (pair)
46773 1686 Tax
pars alaris (par)
alar part (pair)
46777 1687 Tax
musculus depressor septi nasi (par)
depressor muscle of nasal septum (pair) ; depressor septi nasi muscle (pair)
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80.0 %
Scientific notes
Type of list P4
List Unit Identifier 13572
Number of children 14 (validated)
Number of units 5 (validated)
Signature 11052 (validated since 18.10.2022)
Date: 27.05.2024