Partonomy list P3, primary language: LA, subsidiary: EN, interface: EN, work in progress

circulus arteriosus cerebri

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Top level systema cardiovasculare
Level 2 systema arteriosum cerebrospinale Short Extended
Current level circulus arteriosus cerebri
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
circulus arteriosus cerebri
cerebral arterial circle
50028 3968
arteria cerebri anterior
anterior cerebral artery
50169 3975
arteria communicans anterior
anterior communicating artery
arteriae centrales anteromediales
anteromedial central arteries
50173 3976
ramus suprachiasmaticus
suprachiasmatic branch
50174 3977
ramus commissuralis medianus
median commissural branch
50175 3978
ramus callosus medianus
median callosal branch
3947 3898
arteria carotis interna
internal carotid artery
50084 3915
arteria communicans posterior
posterior communicating artery
50583 4028
arteria cerebri posterior
posterior cerebral artery
50542 4027
arteria basilaris
basilar artery
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Type of list P3
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Number of units 11 (validated)
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Date: 29.07.2022