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isocortex (par)

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Top level systema nervosum
Level 2 encephalon Short Extended
Level 3 telencephalon Short Extended
Current level isocortex (par)
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
62429 38986 6130
isocortex (par) ; neocortex (par)
isocortex (pair) ; neocortex (pair)
38989 8830
isocortex granularis (par)
granular isocortex (pair)
38992 8851
areae sensoriae primariae (par)
primary sensory areas (pair)
38995 8852
areae sensoriae unimodales (par)
unimodal sensory areas (pair)
38998 8853
areae associationis ordini magni (par); areae majores associationis (par)
higher order association areas (pair); principal association areas (pair)
39001 8868
isocortex agranularis (par)
agranular isocortex (pair)
39004 8869
area motoria primaria (par)
primary motor area (pair)
39008 8919
areae motoriae nonprimariae (par)
nonprimary motor areas (pair)
242257 39012 6131
strata isocorticis (par)
layers of isocortex (pair)
242259 39015 6132
lamina molecularis (par) ; lamina I (par)
molecular layer (pair) ; layer I (pair)
242264 39018 6133
lamina granularis externa (par) ; lamina II (par)
external granular layer (pair) ; layer II (pair)
242283 39021 6134
lamina pyramidalis externa (par) ; lamina III (par)
external pyramidal layer (pair) ; layer III (pair)
242298 39024 6135
lamina granularis interna (par) ; lamina IV (par)
internal granular layer (pair) ; layer IV (pair)
242313 39027 6136
lamina pyramidalis interna (par) ; lamina V (par)
internal pyramidal layer (pair) ; layer V (pair)
242333 39031 6137
lamina multiformis (par) ; lamina VI (par)
multiform layer (pair) ; layer VI (pair)
39035 8928
striae fibrarum myelinatarum isocorticis (par)
striae of myelinated fibres of isocortex (pair) ▲
77807 39038 6138
stria laminae molecularis (par) ; lamina 1 (par) ; lamina tangentialis (par)
stria of molecular layer of isocortex (pair) ; layer 1 (pair) ; tangential layer (pair)
39041 8929
sublamina superficialis (par) ; sublamina 1a (par)
superficial sublayer (pair) ; sublayer 1a (pair)
39044 8982
sublamina intermedia (par) ; sublamina 1b (par)
intermediate sublayer (pair) ; sublayer 1b (pair)
39047 9021
sublamina profunda (par) ; sublamina 1c (par)
deep sublayer (pair) ; sublayer 1c (pair)
39050 9022
lamina dysfibrosa (par) ; lamina 2 (par)
dysfibrous layer (pair) ; layer 2 (pair)
39053 9083
lamina suprastriata (par) ; lamina 3 (par)
suprastriate layer (pair); layer 3 (pair)
39056 9084
sublamina superficialis (par) ; sublamina 3a (par)
superficial sublayer (pair) ; sublayer 3a (pair)
39059 9085
sublamina intermedia (par) ; sublamina 3b (par)
intermediate sublayer (pair) ; sublayer 3b (pair)
39062 9086
sublamina profunda (par) ; sublamina 3c (par)
deep sublayer (pair) ; sublayer 3c (pair)
39065 9087
stria laminae pyramidalis externae (par) ; lamina 4 (par)
stria of external pyramidal layer of isocortex (pair) ; layer 4 (pair)
39068 9101
lamina intrastriata (par) ; sublamina 5a (par)
intrastriate layer (pair); sublayer 5a (pair)
77809 39071 6142
stria laminae pyramidalis internae (par) ; sublamina 5b (par)
stria of internal pyramidal layer of isocortex (pair) ; sublayer 5b (pair)
39074 9102
lamina substriata limitans (par) ; lamina 6 (par)
substriate and limiting layer (pair); layer 6 (pair)
39077 9109
sublamina substriata (par) ; sublamina 6a (par)
substriate sublayer (pair); sublayer 6a (pair)
39080 9110
sublamina limitans (par) ; sublamina 6b (par)
limiting sublayer (pair) ; sublayer 6b (pair)
39083 9114
stria verticalis (par)
vertical stria (pair)
39086 9116
columna corticalis isocorticis (par)
cortical column of isocortex (pair)
68614 39089 9119
cortex visualis primarius (par) ; area striata (par)
primary visual cortex (pair) ; striate area (pair)
75667 39092 6141
stria occipitalis (par)
occipital stripe (pair)
39095 9126
columna dominantiae ocularis (par)
ocular dominance column (pair)
39098 9127
columna orientationis (par)
orientation column (pair)
39101 9132
hypercolumna (par)
hypercolumn (pair)
39105 9135
neura isocorticis (par)
neurons of isocortex (pair)
39109 9139
neura projectionis isocorticis (par) ; neura pyramidalia isocorticis (par)
projection neurons of isocortex (pair); pyramidal neurons of isocortex (pair)
28161 8814
neura pyramidalia magna isocorticis (par)
large pyramidal neurons of isocortex (pair) ; large pyramidal cells of isocortex (pair)
28165 8815
neura pyramidalia gigantea isocorticis (par)
giant pyramidal neurons of isocortex (pair) ; giant pyramidal cells of isocortex (pair)
39115 9143
neura commissuralia isocorticis (par)
commissural neurons of isocortex (pair)
39119 8816
neura pyramidalia media isocorticis (par)
middle pyramidal neurons of isocortex (pair) ; medium-sized pyramidal cells of isocortex (pair)
39123 9155
neura associationis isocorticis (par)
association neurons of isocortex (pair)
39127 8817
neura pyramidalia parva isocorticis (par)
small pyramidal neurons of isocortex (pair) ; small pyramidal cells of isocortex (pair)
39131 9170
interneura isocorticis (par)
interneurons of isocortex (pair)
28279 8818
interneura excitatoria isocorticis (par) ; interneura spinosa isocorticis (par)
excitatory interneurons of isocortex (pair) ; spiny interneurons of isocortex (pair)
28283 8819
neura stellata spinosa isocorticis (par)
spiny stellate neurons of isocortex (pair) ; spiny stellate cells of isocortex (pair)
28287 8820
interneura inhibitoria isocorticis (par) ; interneura levia isocorticis (par)
inhibitory interneurons of isocortex (pair) ; smooth interneurons of isocortex (pair)
28291 8821
neura axodendritica isocorticis (par)
axodendritic neurons of isocortex (pair) ; axodendritic cells of isocortex (pair)
28303 8822
neura bipolaria isocorticis (par)
bipolar neurons of isocortex (pair) ; bipolar cells of isocortex (pair)
28307 8823
neura horizontalia isocorticis (par)
horizontal neurons of isocortex (pair) ; horizontal cells of isocortex (pair)
28311 8824
neura multiplumosa isocorticis (par)
multitufted neurons of isocortex (pair) ; multititufted cells of isocortex (pair)
28315 8825
neura neurogliaformia isocorticis (par) ; neura araneiformia isocorticis (par)
neurogliaform neurons of isocortex (pair) ; spiderweb cells of isocortex (pair); neurogliaform cells of isocortex (pair)
28319 8828
neura racemiformia biracemiformia isocorticis (par) ; neura biplumosa isocorticis (par)
double dendritic bouquet neurons of isocortex (pair); bitufted neurons of isocortex (pair) ; double dendritic bouquet cells of isocortex (pair)
28295 8829
neura axosomatodendritica isocorticis (par)
axosomatodendritic neurons of isocortex (pair) ; axosomatodendritic cells of isocortex (pair)
28323 8831
neura corbiformia magna isocorticis (par)
large basket neurons of isocortex (pair); large basket cells of isocortex (pair)
28327 8832
neura corbiformia parva isocorticis (par)
small basket neurons of isocortex (pair); small basket cells of isocortex (pair)
28299 8833
neura axoaxonalia isocorticis (par)
axoaxonal neurons of isocortex (pair) ; axoaxonal cells of isocortex (pair)
28331 8834
neura candelaria isocorticis (par)
chandelier neurons of isocortex (pair) ; chandelier cells of isocortex (pair)
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Mainly GABAergic interneurons (see Markram H, Toledo-Rodriguez M, Wang Y, et al. 2004 Interneurons of the neocortical inhibitory system. Nat Rev Neurosci 5:793-807; Ascoli GA et al. 2008 Petilla terminology: Nomenclature of features of GABAergic interneurons of the cerebral cortex. Nat Rev Neurosci 9:557-568; DeFelipe J et al. 2013 New insights into the classification and nomenclature of cortical GABAergic interneurons. Nat Rev Neurosci 14:202-216); the current subdivision is based on preferred postsynaptic region.
Functional subdivision of the Isocortex as described by Mesulam M-M (1985 Patterns in behavioral neuroanatomy. In: Mesulam M-M, ed: Principles of Behavioral Neurology. Davis, Philadelphia, PN, pp 1-70). The Granular isocortex ranges from Hypergranular through Granular to Dysgranular.
Here, the Isocortical neurons are added, in part following and modifying TH terms. They are subdivided into Pyramidal neurons (Projection, Commissural nand Association eurons) and Excitatory and Inhibitory interneurons. In general, Small pyramidal neurons are found in Layer II and give rise to ipsilateral Corticocortical projections. Medium-sized pyramidal neurons are found in Layer III and give rise to Commissural projections. The Large pyramidal neurons in Layer V give rise to the Corticofugal projections (Mountcastle VB 1998 The Cerebral Cortex. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA).
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