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costa septima (par)

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Top level systema skeletale Short Extended
Level 2 skeleton thoracis Short Extended
Current level costa septima (par)
Subsidiary language with Latin
Non Latin primary language
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
7830 10835 Tax
costa septima (par) ; costa septima vera (par)
seventh rib (pair) ; true seventh rib (pair)
7831 17060 Tax
caput costae septimae (par)
head of seventh rib (pair)
7833 17069 Tax
facies articularis capitis costae septimae (par)
articular surface of head of seventh rib (pair)
7832 17076 Tax
crista capitis costae septimae (par)
crest of head of seventh rib (pair)
7836 17083 Tax
collum costae septimae (par)
neck of seventh rib (pair)
7837 17090 Tax
crista colli costae septimae (par)
crest of neck of seventh rib (pair)
7838 17097 Tax
corpus costae septimae (par)
body of seventh rib (pair)
7839 17105 Tax
tuberculum costae septimae (par)
tubercle of seventh rib (pair)
66098 17110 Tax
facies articularis tuberculi costae septimae (par)
articular face of tubercle of seventh rib (pair)
7842 17116 Tax
angulus costae septimae (par)
angle of seventh rib (pair)
7845 17122 Tax
sulcus costae septimae (par)
groove of seventh rib (pair)
17128 Tax
crista corporis costae septimae (par)
crest of body of seventh rib (pair)
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Date: 28.05.2024