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Top level systema cardiovasculare Short Extended
Current level cor Extended
Subsidiary language with Latin
Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
7088 3614 Tax
223286 3615 Tax
basis cordis ; facies posterior cordis
base of heart ; posterior surface of heart
7140 3616 Tax
facies anterior cordis ; facies sternocostalis cordis
anterior surface of heart ; sternocostal surface of heart
7141 3617 Tax
facies inferior cordis ; facies diaphragmatica cordis
inferior surface of heart ; diaphragmatic surface of heart
9522 3618 Tax
facies dextra cordis ; facies pulmonalis dextra cordis
right surface of heart ; right pulmonary surface of heart
9549 11341 Tax
facies sinistra cordis ; facies pulmonalis sinistra cordis
left surface of heart ; left pulmonary surface of heart
75134 3619 Tax
margo dexter cordis
right border of heart
margo inferior cordis
inferior border of heart; acute margin of heart
margo sinister cordis
left border of heart; obtuse margin of heart
223291 3620 Tax
apex cordis
apex of heart
75133 3621 Tax
incisura apicis cordis
notch of apex of heart ; notch of cardiac apex
7177 3622 Tax
sulcus interventricularis anterior
anterior interventricular sulcus ; anterior longitudinal sulcus
7178 3623 Tax
sulcus interventricularis inferior ; sulcus interventricularis posterior
inferior interventricular sulcus ; posterior interventricular sulcus; posterior longitudinal sulcus
7174 3624 Tax
sulci coronarii ; sulci atrioventriculares
coronary sulci ; atrioventricular sulci
14786 Tax
sulcus coronarius dexter
right coronary sulcus
14787 Tax
sulcus coronarius sinister
left coronary sulcus
9287 3656 Tax
sulcus terminalis cordis
terminal sulcus of heart
crux cordis
crux of heart
laminae cordis
layers of heart
9461 3721 Tax
77000 3722 Tax
tunica serosa epicardii
serosa of epicardium; serous coat of epicardium
77001 3723
tela subserosa epicardii
subserosa of epicardium; subserous layer of epicardium
9462 3705 Tax
84628 3634 Tax
vortex cordis
vortex of heart
7280 3704
9476 3706 Tax
conducting system of heart
septa cordis P3 11 children
cardiac septa
valvar complex of heart
7096 3644 Tax
atrium dextrum P3 17 children
right atrium
7098 3660 Tax
ventriculus dexter P3 16 children
right ventricle
7097 3681 Tax
atrium sinistrum P3 7 children
left atrium
7101 3686 Tax
ventriculus sinister P3 11 children
left ventricle
9869 3715 Tax
pericardium P3 11 children
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72.7 %
Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Current description of the heart follows an attitudinally appropriate fashion; this has implications for the naming of multiple parts of the heart (Anderson and Loukas 2009. Clin Anat 22:47-51; Farré et al. 2010 Pace 33:597-507).
Intersection of coronary and inferior interventricular sulci on the diaphragmatic aspect of the heart (DiDio and Wakefield 1975 Anat Anz 137:147-158)
Date: 27.05.2024