Partonomy list P4, primary language: LA, subsidiary: EN, interface: EN, work in progress

arteria cerebri anterior (par)

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Top level systema cardiovasculare Short Extended
Level 2 systema arteriosum cerebrospinale Short Extended
Level 3 arteria carotis interna (par) Short Extended
Current level arteria cerebri anterior (par)
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Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
50028 3968 Tax
arteria cerebri anterior (par)
anterior cerebral artery (pair)
50073 3969 Tax
pars precommunicans (par) ; segmentum A1 (par)
precommunicating part (pair) ; A1 segment (pair)
3970 Tax
arteriae centrales anteromediales (par)
anteromedial central arteries (pair)
50311 3971
rami striatales breves (par)
short striatal branches (pair)
50312 3972
ramus supraopticus (par)
supraoptic branch (pair)
50314 3973
rami perforantes anteriores (par)
anterior perforating branches (pair)
50313 3974
rami preoptici (par)
preoptic branches (pair)
50169 3975 Tax
arteria communicans anterior
anterior communicating artery
50074 3979 Tax
pars postcommunicans (par)
postcommunicating part (pair)
8933 Tax
pars infracallosa (par) ; segmentum A2 (par)
infracallosal part (pair) ; A2 segment (pair)
50327 3980 Tax
arteria striatalis longa (par) ; arteria centralis longa (par)
long striatal artery (pair) ; long central artery (pair)
50328 3981 Tax
arteria orbitofrontalis medialis (par)
medial orbitofrontal artery (pair)
50328 8934
arteria orbitofrontalis posterior (par)
posterior orbitofrontal artery (pair)
50329 3982 Tax
arteria frontopolaris (par) ; arteria polaris frontalis (par)
frontopolar artery (pair) ; frontal polar artery (pair)
rami perforantes (par)
perforating branches (pair)
rami hypothalamici (par)
hypothalamic branches (pair)
rami septi pellucidi (par)
branch to septum pellucida (pair)
rami commissurae anterioris (par)
branch to anterior commissures (pair)
rami fornicis (par)
branch to fornices (pair)
rami striatales breves (par)
short striatal branches (pair)
(arteria subcallosa (par) )
(subcallosal artery (pair) )
50337 3989 Tax
arteria pericallosa (par)
pericallosal artery (pair)
rami breves corporis callosi (par)
short branch to corpus callosa (pair)
rami longi corporis callosi (par)
long branch to corpus callosa (pair)
8944 Tax
pars precallosa (par) ; segmentum A3 (par)
precallosal part (pair) ; A3 segment (pair)
50330 3983 Tax
arteria callosomarginalis (par)
callosomarginal artery (pair)
50332 3984 Tax
ramus frontalis anteromedialis (par)
anteromedial frontal branch (pair)
50333 3985 Tax
ramus frontalis intermediomedialis (par)
intermediomedial frontal branch (pair)
50334 3986 Tax
ramus frontalis posteromedialis (par)
posteromedial frontal branch (pair)
50335 3987 Tax
ramus cingularis (par)
cingulate branch (pair)
rami paracentrales (par)
paracentral branches (pair)
8945 Tax
pars supracallosa (par) ; segmentum A4 (par)
supracallosal part (pair) ; A4 segment (pair)
rami paracentrales (par)
paracentral branches (pair)
rami precuneati (par)
precuneate branches (pair)
8947 Tax
pars postcallosa (par) ; segmentum A5 (par)
postcallosal part (pair) ; A5 segment (pair)
rami parietales superiores (par)
superior parietal branches (pair)
rami parietales inferiores (par)
inferior parietal branches (pair)
50340 3991
rami parietooccipitales (par)
parietooccipital branches (pair)
rami inferiores corporis callosi (par)
inferior callosal branches (pair)
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
See note # 23889
The TA nomenclature for the Striatal arteries is rather confusing. The Aa.striatae mediales proximales (PNA: Arteriae centrales breves) may better be known as Rami striati breves (as for A2 segment). The TA term Arteria striata medialis distalis is replaced by Arteria striata longa with Arteria centralis longa of PNA as synonym; eponym: (Recurrent artery of) Heubner.
Type of list P4
List Unit Identifier 3968
Number of children 114 (validated)
Number of units 39 (validated)
Signature 4849 (validated since 22.7.2019)
Date: 27.05.2024