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nervus facialis (par)

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Top level systema nervosum
Level 2 divisio nervi cranialis Short Extended
Current level nervus facialis (par)
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
50868 6465
nervus facialis (par) ; nervus cranialis VII (par)
facial nerve (pair) ; cranial nerve VII (pair)
53418 9353
radices nervi facialis (par)
roots of facial nerve (pair)
53419 9354
radix motoria (par)
motor root (pair)
nervus intermedius (par)
intermediate nerve (pair)
segmenta nervi facialis (par)
segments of facial nerve (pair)
pars cisternalis (par)
cisternal segment (pair)
pars meatica (par)
meatal segment (pair)
pars labyrinthica (par)
labyrinthine segment (pair)
77529 6466
geniculum nervi facialis (par)
geniculum of facial nerve (pair)
53414 6482
ganglion geniculi nervi facialis (par)
geniculate ganglion (pair)
53417 6483
nervus petrosus major (par) ; radix parasympathica ganglii pterygopalatini (par)
greater petrous nerve (pair) ; parasympathetic root of pterygopalatine ganglion (pair)
67584 6803
nervus canalis pterygoidei (par)
nerve of pterygoid canal (pair)
pars pyramidalis (par)
pyramidal segment (pair)
pars mastoidea (par)
mastoid segment (pair)
53275 6467
nervus stapedius (par)
nerve to spapedius muscle (pair)
53228 6484
chorda tympani (par)
chorda tympani (pair)
nervus facialis proprius (par); pars extracranialis (par)
proper facial nerve (pair); extracranial segment (pair)
53278 6468
nervus auricularis posterior (par)
posterior auricular nerve (pair)
52283 6469
ramus occipitalis (par)
occipital branch (pair)
53282 6470
ramus auricularis (par)
auricular branch (pair)
53288 6471
ramus digastricus (par)
digastric branch (pair)
53298 6472
ramus stylohyoideus (par)
stylohyoid branch (pair)
77530 6474
plexus intraparotideus (par)
intraparotid plexus (pair)
divisio superior (par) ; divisio temporofacialis (par)
superior subdivision (pair) ; temporofacial subdivision (pair)
53291 6475
rami temporales (par)
temporal branches (pair)
53307 6476
rami zygomatici (par)
zygomatic branches (pair)
divisio inferior (par) ; divisio cervicofacialis (par)
inferior subdivision (pair) ; cervicofacial subdivision (pair)
53310 6477
rami buccales (par)
buccal branches (pair)
(ramus lingualis nervi facialis (par) )
(lingual branch of facial nerve (pair) )
53365 6479
ramus marginalis mandibularis (par)
mandibular marginal branch (pair)
53396 6480
ramus cervicalis (par)
cervical branch (pair)
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
New term for the peripheral part of Nervus facialis. Alternatively, the various parts of the Facial nerve may be mentioned (Pars meatica, Pars labyrinthica, Pars tympanica, Pars pyramidalis. Pars mastoidea, Pars extracranialis) as suggested by Ronald Bleys, Utrecht; see Lang J 1992 Klinische Anatomie des Ohres. Springer, Vienna-New York). The Nervus facialis proprius would become: Nervus facialis, Pars extracranialis.
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