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tractus efferentes originis hypothalami (par)

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Top level systema nervosum
Level 2 tractus systematis nervosi centralis (par) Short Extended
Level 3 tractus originis hypothalami (par) Short Extended
Current level tractus efferentes originis hypothalami (par)
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Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
33946 8414
tractus efferentes originis hypothalami (par)
efferent tracts of origin in hypothalamus (pair)
62080 33949 5774
stria medullaris prethalami (par) ; stria medullaris thalami (par)
stria medullaris of prethalamus (pair); stria medullaris of thalamus (pair)
28130 7939
fasciculus mammillaris principalis (par)
principal mammillary fasciculus (pair)
28127 8654
fasciculus mammillothalamicus (par)
mammillothalamic fasciculus (pair) ; mamillothalamic tract (pair) ▲
28124 8655
fasciculus mammillotegmentalis (par)
mammillotegmental fasciculus (pair)
28133 7950
fasciculus prosencephali medialis descendens (par)
descending medial fasciculus of prosencephalon (pair) ; descending medial forebrain bundle (pair)
28137 7963
fibrae hypothalamocorticales (par)
hypothalamocortical fibres (pair)
77008 28146 5959
tractus hypothalamohypophysiales (par)
hypothalamohypophysial tracts (pair)
77009 33953 8656
tractus paraventriculohypophysialis (par)
paraventriculohypophysial tract (pair)
28150 5960
fibrae paraventriculohypophysiales (par)
paraventriculohypophysial fibres (pair)
33956 8657
tractus supraopticohypophysialis (par)
supraopticohypophysial tract (pair)
28154 5961
fibrae supraopticohypophysiales (par)
supraopticohypophysial fibres (pair)
77482 25514 8415
tractus hypothalamospinalis (par)
hypothalamospinal tract (pair)
25109 8751
fasciculus longitudinalis posterior descendens (par) ; fasciculus longitudinalis dorsalis descendens (par)
descending posterior longitudinal fasciculus (pair) ; descending dorsal longitudinal fasciculus (pair)
25102 8759
pars hypothalamica (par)
hypothalamic part (pair)
88845 27192 5955
pars diencephalica (par)
diencephalic part (pair)
72453 27189 5612
pars mesencephalica (par)
mesencephalic part (pair)
72492 27186 5456
pars rhombencephalica rostralis (par)
rostral rhombencephalic part (pair)
72617 27204 5301
pars rhombencephalica caudalis (par)
caudal rhombencephalic part (pair)
25113 8752
pars spinalis (par)
spinal part (pair)
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Scientific notes
Type of list P4
List Unit Identifier 8414
Number of children 59 (validated)
Number of units 20 (validated)
Signature 7689 (validated since 28.1.2019)
Date: 31.12.2021